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Released: 4th March 2016 | 1 track foreign rap/hip-hop single

MATO is a Korean HipHop artist whose music is based on acoustic rock/folk music. When she was seventeen years old a few years ago, she 'accidentally' participated a Hip Hop festival that was held by a major record label in Korea and the staffs and the president of the company immediately impressed. So she had signed a deal with the company and released her debut ep just a year later. On the record, she had worked with Vasco and Jae-Hoon Lee of Cool. Vasco is one of the famous legendary underground Hip Hop artists in Korea. He was so impressed by her music so that decided to feature one of the songs. Jae-Hoon Lee is also one of the most famous pop singers in Korea who has been working in the industry over 20 years.

After the first album, MATO left the company to focus on her own music that is a mixture of many different musical elements such as Indie rock, acoustic pop/rock and Hip Hop. Soon she teamed up with Tae-Hoon Joo of TUNYMUSIC who studied Film scoring in Berklee College of Music and NYU. His ability to produce many different genre as a film music composer and producer immediately caught the elements she wanted to put together and came up with this arrangement. Composed and lyrics by MATO and arranged by Tae-Hoon Joo, this is her new single called 'OASIS' after a long preparation. It is about how you feel when you fall in love with someone.

The story about this tune is based on a her own ongoing story with her lover. With a beating heart, she feels like becoming a new person and realizes that she is doing something she hasn't done before, like getting up so early in the morning to hear his voice and always arrive too early to date place meet him as early as possible.

Without him, her life was very much like walking in the desert alone without water. Now, she feels that going out with him is like finding an Oasis in the desert after a long thirsty.