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Sunwoo Shawn Kim - Day & Night

Sunwoo Shawn Kim

Day & Night


Released: 26th February 2016 | 11 track ambient album

SWSK is a project name since 2013 by Sunwoo Shawn Kim who is a creative director and multidisciplinary artist from Seoul, South Korea. He works in the fields of video direction, music producing, painting, branding, editorial design and so on. His new regular album 'Day & Night' is based on several classical music and he recomposed them with his own taste. The album talks about the story of daily life during day and night. The process of recomposing the departed people's pieces is like a conversation between me and them. When I listen to their stories written with their own languages and I try to make an additional remarks of my own language, The conversation will be took place and which becomes a seed breeding another story or emotion. And that means It can be a travel in transcending time, It is like a conversation with each other's own languages.