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Andrew Cox - Past Imperfect
CD Album
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Andrew Cox

Past Imperfect

Forced Nostalgia

Released: 5th May 2014 | 12 track ambient album

Andrew Cox was the more talented half of MFH / Pump. Alongside his recordings with David Elliott, he also released four cassette albums on YHR (Arioch, Methods, Hydra and Songs from the Earth) between 1980-83. Tracks from these, together with other rarities (all remastered) are now compiled on Past Imperfect. What makes this compilation so intriguing are the extras: two tracks from the rare Integrated Circuit Records (Colin Potter's label) compilation from 1983, and three previously unreleased pieces from 2000 and 2001 which had ushered in a new, ultra-minimal style. Sadly, Andrew died in 2009 before he could fully explore this new direction, but it is gratifying to see his music recognised, despite his absence.

"Claustrophobic, crepuscular landscapes."
David Elliott, Pump