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John Avery - Club Of No Regrets
CD Album
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John Avery

Club Of No Regrets

Forced Nostalgia

Released: 20th January 2014 | 11 track soundtracks album

John Avery is an English solo performer and composer & sound designer for theatre. In the 1980s & 90s he was a member of the Sheffield band Hula. He has been a collaborator with the theatre group Forced Entertainment since that time and many of his solo projects fed into music for their performances. John's work has been described as a juxtaposition of melody and noise and is characterised by a sense of narrative. Previously unreleased soundtrack for Forced Entertainment's Club Of No Regrets theatre performance. Tracks 1-9 recorded 91/92. Tracks 10-11 recorded 1990. Instrumentation: Piano, (untameable) Hammond Organ, Casio FZ-1 and CZ-101.

"Dense, paranoid psychedelia (...) unheimlich sci-fi horror."