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Kid Lib - Blue Dreamers / That Special Way
12" Vinyl

Kid Lib

Blue Dreamers / That Special Way

Foxy Jangle

Released: 17th November 2017 | 2 track jungle/drum 'n' bass single

Kid Lib lets rip a double-A of heavy, atmostphere laden jungle for new label Foxy Jangle, from the good folk at Rua Sound.

A - Blue Dreamers:

Post apocalyptic peak time SoundSystem pressure is cut deep on this side with expert & infectious drum edits backed up by a pummeling bassline and amen assaults set against a sci-fi backdrop. Fans of SciWax style drum workouts and mid 90s Source Direct style atmospherics take note.

AA - That Special Way:

Lush vocal sampling, drifting pads and soothing breaks give way to tightly chopped but smooth, rolling Amens on a solid foundation of bouncing 808s. The spirit of 94/95 is channeled strong here by the Green Bay Wax don, dancefloors melting into the night as the lights go down.

"That release is KILLER"
Itoa, Bad Taste, Roots & Future
"I've been battering these tunes"
TMSV, Rua Sound, Cosmic Bridge
"this man step sequences his edits one note at a time on an LCD screen. it takes a special kind of genius to endure that."
Sully, Keysound, Black Acre, Rua Sound