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Bangana - Oblivion (feat. Asha Edmund)


Oblivion (feat. Asha Edmund)

Farplane Records

Released: 24th August 2009 | 5 track deep house single
Farplane Records are delighted to present new signing Bangana with their hypnotic club hit 'Oblivion'. Featuring the extremely individualistic vocals of Asha Edmund, 'Oblivion' further showcases the huge talent that Swedish House music has to offer. Alf Tumble & Combo have produced & remixed artists such as Blaze, Jazztronik & Truby Trio under the superb afro grooves guise of Sumo but now return in 2009 with there new moniker Bangana. The Original mix lets the boards do the talking with warping synths and somewhat dark pianos creeping around the folky vocals of Asha. Other highlights include the return of Sumo with a typically more percussive remix with the main vocal being brought to the front and a must for the Ibiza season. Bringing the track straight to the dance-floor, Farplane label boss Rasmus Faber´s remix follows in suit with an even more upfront take on the track which sets the groove bounding and leaping around an energy filled classic vocal house styled track.