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Stefan Jós - Things You Left Behind
12" Vinyl
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Stefan Jós

Things You Left Behind


Released: 23rd February 2015 | 4 track minimal/glitch ep

Tokyo based record label flau proudly presents new 12inch line called 'raum', with the first release being an exciting new project Stefan Jós by Devon Hansen aka Lotide (Astro:Dynamics) and D.Hansen (Where To Now?). Devon's follow up to the split release with Austin Cesear on Opal Tapes by both expanding those early ideas and stripping things down to the bare essentials - focusing more on groove and texture than the lead or melody. Fundamentals. Low maintenance bodysonics for the whole famiily. mastering: Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare) mastercut by Andreras [Lupo] Lubich

"a record which focuses on crafting minimal dancefloor constructions with an extra emphasis on detailed sonic textures"
"the bold, flau-endorsed dance beats"
"the track unfolds into a glacial, rigid piece of techno"
No Fear Of Pop
"a biotic, musique-concrète bent on a Villalobosian minimal aesthetic"
Ad Hoc