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Stefan Jós - Primitives
Vinyl LP

Stefan Jós



Released: 18th May 2015 | 8 track minimal/glitch album

Primitives is the spacious and bugged-out sequel to Things You Left Behind. Careful restraint remains, but the sober crispiness of the EP is subsumed on Primitives by loose and moody rhythms, wood and metal, weird noises in wet caves and other goodies for ground-dwellers and mole people alike.

"quietude, subtle gestures and a remarkable ear for sound design"
Resident Advisor
"a biotic, musique-concrète bent on a Villalobosian minimal aesthetic"
Ad Hoc
"a glacial, rigid piece of techno"
No Fear Of Pop
"sounds straight from 2002, but in a good way. Old minimal house / Dial vibes"
"a beautiful array of minimalistic textures and drum patterns"