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Madegg - NEW
Vinyl LP




Released: 15th January 2016 | 11 track techno album

NEW is the third full-length album from the young Kyoto based producer Kazumichi Komatsu aka Madegg. Using mainly hardware and analog synthesizers, Madegg has created a world of thoughtfully woven melodies and basslines that shimmer with beauty and anxiety. NEW transcends it's various musical formats through playful boldness and exploration, embracing concepts of juxtaposition, sacred forms, intimacy and savagery, and the boundaries of language. The unrelenting beat, raw feel and ecstatic psychedelia of NEW attempts to carve a new surface into the planetary shell of dance music. A pulse of emptiness defines each musical landscape before rotting slowly into it's own ambience. Techno, raw-house, drone, industrial, body music, ambient...; NEW is both casual and complex, a uniquely authentic experience.

"pure hypnagogic pleasures, masked in ocean-side, basement club/house mayhem"
Tiny Mix Tapes
"combining interpersonal exploration and grinding analog synths throughout"
"he continues along his path of artistic innovation, effortlessly blurring the lines between techno, house, experimental and a host of other genres"
Bigshot Mag
"sun-kissed, bursting electronic beats have their origin from the hectic streets of Japan, Kyoto"
No Fear Of Pop
"Madegg‘s music may easily wash over people’s heads unnoticed"
Pigeon Note
"Madegg lives in his own world, one where wabi-sabi can be expressed as rickety 2-ste"
Ad Hoc
"Madegg’s music travels afar common dimensions"
Inverted Audio
"It's a fidgety listen that builds slowly and carefully into something grand and luxurious, bringing to mind Aphex Twin's more stately period"
Redbull Music
"NEW is as complex and original as any album you will ever hear"
Magnetic Magazine