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Be Honest - Tea, Sugar, Soda, Soap

Be Honest

Tea, Sugar, Soda, Soap

Fallow Field

Released: 23rd September 2013 | 2 track ambient album

Be Honest is a solo project by Ian Maleney exploring extended guitar techniques, improvisation, field recordings and generative sound. Tea, Sugar, Soda, Soap is the first release under the Be Honest name and it is inspired by the sounds and atmosphere of rural Irish bogland. The album is based on field recordings collected over the course of a year from the Brosna river basin in Offaly in the Irish midlands. These recordings were then overlaid with a series of improvised guitar playing, experimental instrument triggering and generative synth patches designed to short-circuit preconceived compositional ideas and habitual performance techniques. The album takes the form of two side-long tracks, each moving slowly through sounds of distance, echo, life and decay, influenced by the work of people like Richard Skelton and Liz Harris. The title comes from the list of things Maleney's grandfather would walk the four miles to the shop to get during the strict rationing of World War Two. The necessities. The album is deeply rooted in that particular place and the life there which sliding always into some unknown future.

"Goddamn this is a special fucking record."
Justin Snow, Anti-Gravity Bunny
"We can only say, “well done,” and sit mesmerized by the sinuosity of the vibrations."
Jeff Daily, International Tapes
"An evocative release whose simple title belies its resonance."
Richard Allen, A Closer Listen
"The structure of Be Honest’s music recalls the depths of the bogland underground landscape."
Mark Carry, Fractured Air
"Maleney weaves a connective golden thread through all of it, like a wizard spinning magic."
Brad Rose, Digitalis Industries