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Raising Holy Sparks - For Fran, Etched In Glass & Water

Raising Holy Sparks

For Fran, Etched In Glass & Water

Fallow Field

Released: 23rd September 2013 | 9 track ambient album

'For Fran, Etched In Glass & Water' is a new album from Irish musician Dave Colohan, under the name Raising Holy Sparks. Colohan is a founding member of the respected avant-folk collective United Bible Studies and the Deserted Village label. Raising Holy Sparks began in 2011, after Colohan retired the Agitated Radio Pilot name under which he'd been recording since 1993. The project sees Colohan and a rotating crew of friends exploring music informed by Hasidic mysticism and the landscapes of rural Ireland, achieving an ecstatic outpouring of drone, folk song, and free jazz in the process.

'For Fran, Etched In Glass & Water' is the third album from Raising Holy Sparks to see a physical release. Recorded in Ballymahon, Co. Longford during April and May of 2013, it features Colohan on accordion, Appalachian dulcimer, autoharp, harmonium, Hohner Organetta, melodica, shruti box, trombone and sampled Mellotron. The results are more serene than much of Colohan's recent material, coalescing into a long-form ambience where echo and memory are key.