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Irma Thomas - Don't Mess With My Man
7" Vinyl

Irma Thomas

Don't Mess With My Man

Fryers Records

Released: 5th May 2014 | 2 track funk single

Banging Funky R&B at from the Soul Queen of New Orleans. Sexy, raunchy rhythm and blues years ahead of its time. 'Don't Mess With My Man' was Irma's first single has been spun without tire on the Deepfunk & R&B scenes for years, making it not only in demand but expensive . On the flip the more sophisticated 'I Did My Part' recorded a couple of years down the line. This is another dancefloor mover, it's call and response lyrics echoed for a third time by the sax line creating an hypnotic R&B groove. Two solid tried and tested party smashers , these will fly out.