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Ernest Mosley - Stubborn Heart
7" Vinyl

Ernest Mosley

Stubborn Heart

Fryers Records

Released: 26th May 2014 | 2 track soul single

Ernest Mosley's – 'Stubborn Heart' is solid gold Northern Soul. A funky edged R&B dancer at its finest. Interesting changes, slamming vocal and precision timing has guaranteed enduring popularity from the days of the Wigan Casino through it's home at the Blackpool Mecca in the Mid 70's, to the modern day European soul scene. Surprisingly apart from the £1000+ original pressing the only pressing that exists is a ropey northern soul 'look alike' bootleg from the mid 70s so when offered the chance to do it right we jumped at the chance.

Don't sleep on the flip 'Keep On Loving Me' either, while more formulaic than the 'famous' A side it's at the top of its class, that drummer is having a great day. Why was this 45 not a hit?

500 Copies Only.

Fully Licensed

Quality Remaster.