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Joy Jones - Godchild
CD Album
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Joy Jones


Future Soul (Groove)

Released: 14th September 2009 | 12 track funk album
Los Angeles based Joy Jones grew up singing in church and then sparked an interest in spoken word and song writing. Years down the line, she relocated to London and was awestruck by how many individuals were making a living from their creativity. During that time, she had met and maintained a relationship with Bugz In The Attic and was mentored by Daz-I-Kue. Daz believed in me, and encouraged me to really cultivate my craft and create a full project. Different experiences with a variety of musical styles like gospel, soca, classical, African choral music, soul and jazz have a strong influence on Joy's debut album Godchild. One of the many big tunes featured on the record is a Daz-I-Kue remix of The Joy which is a heavy foot stomping afro rhythm anthem. More on the cosmic space tip are tracks like Hollywood, Promise Land, and Supernova – feels like PPP, Sa-Ra, or Sy Smith. Joy shows off her ability to go beyond the dancefloors and put her heart into the smooth joints like Beautiful and Glass Boxes. Be prepared to have your ears and mind opened to new experiences!