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The Society - Human Nature
12" Vinyl
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The Society

Human Nature

Freestyle Records

Released: 28th November 2005 | 2 track single
Following the acclaimed 'Electronic Bionic' album from Danish jazz masters The Society, we thought it only right to let a couple of our favourite producers re-interpret the live favourite 'Human Nature'. First up, Tru-Thoughts most likely contender Diesler, follows his recent remixes of Pest, Freddie Cruger and Javi P3z Orchestra with another peak time dancefloor belter. Beefing up the beats with some deft drum programming reminiscent of DJ Gregory and a stripped down vocal this is sure to appeal to dancefloors across the board. On the flip we go down under for Equatorials Records No Comply (aka The Bamboos) who pair the vocal to a bruk boogie backing adding some added instrumentation for a tasty slice of future soul. Hopefully something for everyone!'
"I have to say I'm not all that familiar with the original version of Human Nature, but I'm liking these new remixes. There's two to choose from: an Africanism-goes-deep style rub from Diesler (one of his best mixes yet, in my opinion) and a tastily chunky broken boogie rework from Aussie geezers No Comply. Both will more than do a job, but it's the Bugz-a-like latter that's floating my boat. 4/5 Matt Anniss"
Matt Anniss, IDJ
"The Society?s album Electronic Bionic didn?t impress but these two smashing remixes show up hidden life in Human Nature. Diesler delivers a very un-Tru-Thoughts version but completely smashes it with his 4Hero-esc afro/boogie beat driven re-rub, subsequently producing one of his best remixes to date. Hands in the air time! No Comply (the dance pseudonym of Oz funk band The Bamboos) get broken with a less euphoric but equally funky remix with some ace Bugzy bass squiggles and other such West London sonic trademarks. Another release great release from the bountiful Freestyle Records."
Ben Smith,
"A neck Slapping choppy jazz work out while No Comply goes all bruk boogie?"