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South Bronx Community Youth Project - Dance Freak
12" Vinyl
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South Bronx Community Youth Project

Dance Freak

Freestyle Records

Released: 24th October 2005 | 2 track disco single

Having traded records with Dimitri from Paris, Joey Negro and a host of other feverishly obsessed disco collectors, Adrian Gibson knows a rarity when he sees one. During a recent trip to the states, he was offered a collection of master tapes that had been lifted from a small recording studio in the Bronx many years previously. As would be expected, the majority of recordings had perished or were just too bad to consider buying, but upon further inspection this rather special piece of disco history emerged? As part of an anti drugs campaign during the early 80s, many schools encouraged pupils to form school bands and partake in inter-state competitions to keep them off the streets and the lure of the emerging crack epidemic. One such competition featured the prize of a day in the studio with the legendary disco producer Patrick Adams (Musique 'Keep On Jumpin' and 'In The Bush', Phreek 'Weekend' to name a few). As the story goes, on the actual day of recording the producer was not available, so the members of the winning band: pupils of a South Bronx elementary school, recorded these 2 popular tracks of the day as their own tribute to him. Having being undiscovered for more than 2 decades and with no members of the band currently contactable, we are proud to present to you The South Bronx Community Youth Project!'

"School bands were never supposed to jive like this. Vinyl sleuth and head-boy Adrian Gibson discovers a disco-funk relic from a bygone music room, that?s all about dancer and groove becoming one, and every instrument player, from brass showmen to guitar hepcats and lords of the drum all showing they?ve done their homework, getting their shine. Top of the class. 5/5"
Matt Oliver, Update