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Jazz Juice - Uno Montuno
12" Vinyl
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Jazz Juice

Uno Montuno

Freestyle Records

Released: 24th April 2006 | 3 track single
Back once again, the mighty Jazz Juice return in fine form- this time filling a full 12 inches with their latin jazz infused goodness! Both the last 2 singles 'Mara Bossa' and 'Bugablue' have been massive with DJs across the globe: always causing mayhem on the dancefloor and a queue of people asking what they are: just ask Bonobo, Rob Luis, Paul Murphy, Spiritual South and a host of others who have caned them. The formula is simple: catchy hooks and heavy beats aimed squarely at the feet! Stepping up the pace from the last 2 outings, 'Uno Montuno' drops some wonky sub-bass under some pseudo drum and bass beats and possibly one of the catchiest piano hooks you'll hear all summer - sure to do damage at every festival in the land! On the flip 'Bossa Bags' does what it says on the tin and rolls out with some inspired bossanova samples. Lastly 'Too Horny' is more in the same vein: just check those smoking horns!'