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Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones - Never Seen It Comin
12" Vinyl
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Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones

Never Seen It Comin

Freestyle Records

Released: 5th February 2007 | 4 track electropop ep
Having produced hits for artists such as Ultra Nate, Crystal Waters and Mass Order and remixing tracks by Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Angie Stone and Lenny Kravitz as well as knocking out underground classics under the names of 33 1/3 Queen and Those Guys, it’s no surprise that The Basement Boys are regarded as pioneers of American dance music. Synonymous with the deep house and garage sounds of the mid 90s, the boys have also lent their golden touch to more contemporary artists such as Shaun Escoffery, Marcell Russell and Bob Sinclair. Little Maurice Jones was born deep in a Louisiana bayou in 1932. While he grew up in a family of guitar pickers, he gravitated towards banging things constantly at a very early age, much to his momma's dismay and annoyance. Eventually, he made his way to the drums (his heavy footed style earning him the Mudfoot moniker) though can play pretty much any instrument and will sing if coaxed or bribed appropriately. On this 12†you will find 4 tracks performed and written by Jones alongside the Basement Boys, all overflowing with soul, funk and a positive energy to make ‘em break a sweat on the dancefloor. All tracks taken from the forthcoming full length album on Freestyle Records.
"Blinding. Goes straight into the show and the unabomber box! 9/10"
Justin, Unabombers
"Nice to see the flexibility of the Basement Boys. Their dancejazz is sounding good!"
Rainer Truby, Compost
"Damn right we never saw this coming. The same Basement Boys who evoke memories of Jam and Lewis, Clivilles & Coles and the shiny sound of pre-pubescent garage? Yes indeed, although from this 12 you¹re more inclined to think it was a MAW Nuyorican spin off. Check the Fania styled Mamma¹s Spanish Joint and Never Seen It Comin, a ferocious mix of Isley's inspired guitar over a thumping percussive backdrop of cowbells and batucada drums. 3.5/5"
Found Sounds, DJ Magazine
"Teddy Douglas and Jay Steinhour call a time-out from their US house and garage 9-5 with an album of funk aerobics that throws more than a couple of curveballs. Stepping out with the enigmatic rediscovery that is Maurice ‘Mudfoot’ Jones, the result is a valuable swerve into snazzy jazzing that looks to get samba season underway early. ‘Never Seen It Comin’’ is a clap-happy, runaway carnival float, and the feather boa-ed ‘That Jazz’ has an inherent desire to take Broadway. ‘Mamma’s Spanish Joint’ looks to find who has the fastest feet in the Latino quarter, and ‘Jaybird’ almost over-eggs the cake with bossa nova at a rabid drum & bass rate."
Matt Oliver, One Week To Live