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Valique - Taking Your Seat
12" Vinyl
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Taking Your Seat

Freestyle Records

Released: 26th March 2007 | 2 track house single
Hailing from Moscow, Valique started his musical career in mid 90s as an arranger and musician in several electronic live projects, gradually shifting from raw jungle/industrial music to diverse forms of deep house, nu-jazz and funk/soul breaks. As an accomplished vibraphonist and percussionist he has recorded session work on various albums and recently recorded an entire album of classical Russian folk and war songs with nu-jazz/funk twist. Being a fan of the Freestyle label from day one Valique took it upon himself to create 2 brand new tracks purposely made with the label in mind and sent them to our offices. We were so impressed we couldn’t say no, making him the first Russian signing to the label! Check the disco infused bumping house of “Taking Your Seatâ€, with the tantalizing horns hammering the track into your subconscious. On the flip “Wine Or Vinegar†is more of the same, blasting horns tied to the funkiest of basslines and a bumping groove.
"Step away from that stool; parking backsides and acting all placid is not an option once Valique brings his Russian percussion to the disco. The Moscow dynamo is in deliriously groovy form, busting an awesome one-two of a hotstepping bassline that holds the dancefloor bang to rights, and a contagious gang of honking horns. It’s a hipster’s ball that reeks of class, the bass rhythm easily mistakable for something the French (hear the smattering of filtering going on midway through) or US (more specifically San Francisco) make the best dance tunes from. And all this considering such funky clubbing isn’t really Valique’s specialist subject. More joyous boogying can be gathered from the platform shoed-flipside ‘Wine or Vinegar’"
Matt Oliver, One Week To Live