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Gypsy Brown - Life is a Trip
12" Vinyl
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Gypsy Brown

Life is a Trip

Freestyle Records

Released: 22nd September 2008 | 2 track funk single
Gypsy Brown was born when Elvis Aljus and Daived Trombetta met by chance on a road trip in early 2007. The band name 'Gypsy Brown' was chosen on that first meeting, coming from Elvis' Roma Gypsy roots and the recording studio where it all came together, Biscuit Brown, Melbourne Australia. The debut single 'Life Is A Trip' rolls along with an infectious Brazilian groove, the result of an enthusiastic first session in the studio. With massive horn arrangements from one man horn section Adrian 'Astro' Shaw, and driving percussion breaks from Elvis Aljus, the B side 'Bambi Latina' is one for the dance floor.