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Deep Street Soul - Straighten Out
12" Vinyl
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Deep Street Soul

Straighten Out

Freestyle Records

Released: 12th April 2010 | 6 track funk album
It's not often a team up of this high calibre can happen but thank goodness this one did: Randa Khamis (of Randa & The Soul Kingdom) teams up with fellow antipodean groove monsters Deep Street Soul for this special one off release which celebrates the fact that this killer combination is touring Europe during Spring 2010! Deep Street Soul totally blew away DJ's, clubbers and funk fans alike with their raw, uncompromising self titled album in 2009, and Randa & The Soul Kingdom racked up mucho radio play from BBC presenters Mark Lamarr and Craig Charles, and wore out hip dance floors across the world. It was a no brainer to put this gritty, instrumental act together with the freshest soul voice from Down Under and frankly the results speak for themselves. Straighten Out is a tour de force of contemporary funky soul, Monique Boggias' growling Hammond Organ provides the perfect foundation for Randa's pleading, impassioned voice to reach the parts other modern soul singers don't! Stir in the extra ingredients of the original instrumentals AND an exclusive Lack Of Afro remixes of Greenbacks and you will start to see that this 6 track superfunk single is going to thrash allcomers.
"I ****ing love Deep Street Soul, nothing but the most deadly, rough and rugged funk. I'll play this till the cows come home'"
Pete Isaac, Jelly Jazz
"Damn this is nasty!!! Randa's vocals are so raw it hurts, stinks of filth n funk and a sure must have 12"
Smoove, jalapeno/wack records
"Raw, tough, aggressive. Wonderful!"
Simon Hodge, BBC 6 Music
"If this don't make you dance then I don't know what will!"
"Randa Kamis really puts the heat on Straighten Out, really enhancing the cool original. Lack of Afro does a nice discofied version of Greenbacks, as well."
Velanche, Urban Landscapes radio
"Downright tight and outta sight!"
Christopher Lawyer, KDHX 88.1 FM
"Heavy duty barnyard funk from Deep Street Soul, could those drums rattle any louder? With a searing vocal from Ms Khamis, razor sharp guitars and chunky Hammond. Irresistible!"
DJ Roger C, The Joint Sessions
"If dance music is music to make people dance, this is it!"
Borja, Lovemonk Records
"Funk had a kid with RocknRoll, broke up and Funk took custody!! Love it!!!"
Dimitris Nassios, The Q Orchestra
"Toe tapping funk slapping awesomeness!"
DJ Morgan
"Heavyweight track!!!"
Markus Milz, Radio Corax 95.9fm
"'Randa of The Soul Kingdom goes in deep'"
DJ Paul Abbott, Further In Fusion Radio
"Seriously large and truly gritty!"
Blair Stafford,
"Nice release; has the old school funk vibe but is also on the disco tip, top!"
Kraak & Smaak, Jalapeno Records
"This funk REALLY grooves! And what a great voice!!"
Richard E, Further Out Recordings
"If you’re...looking for something that sounds straight outta Muscle Shoals... welcome home!"
"Funk that bites!"
Nolan Conaway, WFNP radio
"Funky fried soul: if you ain't moving or grooving then you ain't got a pulse!"
Grant Paterson, Edinburgh Evening News