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Lack of Afro - Special Baby
12" Vinyl
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Lack of Afro

Special Baby

Freestyle Records

Released: 17th May 2010 | 4 track funk ep
As a multi instrumentalist, in-demand producer and re-mixer, a DJ with his finger on the cutting edge of contemporary sounds, and an ear tastefully cocked to the hippest soul, jazz and funk music from the 60's and 70's, Adam Gibbons, the talented young man at the centre of the Lack Of Afro phenomenon, has already established an unrivalled reputation as one of the most crucial names at work in funk and dance music today. This brand new 4 track single features 2 brand new and 100% exclusive remixes from DJ Flevans (Tru Thoughts) and Mike Bandoni from Funkshone who rework 'Special Baby' and 'Beautiful Here' both in their own inimitable style. Hang on? Lack Of Afro, Flevans and Funkshone on one special, beautiful new 12 inch? Yes, it's true and now it can be yours!
"This is a treat - Adam Gibbons, aka Lack of Afro, will release a new 12 featuring two new songs with remixes by Flevans and Funkshone. LoA is a multi-instrumentalist who knows a good groove when he hears it, so both tracks here are chock full of soul, jazz and funk sounds from the 60s and 70s but with a fresh contemporary feel.", Meme Magazine
"A tune destined for the the likes of Edinburgh's Modern Lovers crew. A piano intro with crackling vinyl effect breaks into a catchy score backed by trumpets and tambourine, then BAM, a tight military drum beat with funky guitars and soulful vocals soar over the track. Funky, soulful and soooo special baby!"
Edinburgh Evening News, Grant Patterson
"Might be my favourite LOA original so far!"
Wah Wah 45s, Dom Servini
"This is super fly summer on the moon special! best track on the lp for me"
"Special Baby one of my favorite tracks from the LOA album and the Flevans remix makes this 12 an essential purchase."
Groovy Sessions Radio, Angel Mishev
"Nice one.. Very funky indeed. Freestyling!!"
DJ Paul Murphy
"Very very tasteful release. the remixes are good but in this case I'm looking at the main course not the desserts. Both the original LOA productions can seriously kick it - yes they can."
Jalapeno Records, Trevor Mac
"Great production for a timeless funk vibe. Strong package."
Further Out Recordings, Richard E
"Soulful, hopeful, funky and sweet"
DJ Steve Bird
"Lovely breakbeat and jazz guitar!"
Radio Reverb, Kappa
"Dancetastic! Who thought you could improve upon perfection?"
Hip City Radio Show, Christopher Lawyer
"One of the most imprtant qualities in music is for me that it sounds timeless.This definately does."
Dj Bunuel
"Freestyle Records once again diggin' that shit! 'Special Baby' is heavyweight!! Full play on this!"
Further In Fusion Radio, Markus Milz
"Lack of Afro,Flevans & Funkshone,what more do you want??", Paul 'ABBO' Abbott
"You just NEED this record. Amen."
Tru Thoughts Recordings, Flevans
"Always thought Special Baby was the standout track from the album great to see it on vinyl. As for the Flevans mix it is a MONSTER!"
Craig Charles Funk Show, Simon Hodge/Producer
"More champion sounds from the LOA!! Wicked stuff!!"
"I'm always giving tracks off the album a spin. Great to see some remix action going on."
RTRFM 92.1, Paul Gamblin
"Just the right amount of elements necessary to make this 1 stand above the rest. GROOVY!"
whcr 90.3 fm, Michael Stukes
"Original is tidy and neat, a ray of sunshine!"
Straigh Up Recordings, Blair Stafford
"Old skool soul vibe, this is seriously rocking! Loving this release big time!"
Edinburgh Evening News, Grant Paterson
"Cute and funky and truly danceable for any crowd."
DJ John Ferris
"Special Baby (Original) Gentle rolling funky-jazz with a beautiful ethereal vocal - Nice !"
Eclectic Jazz, Phil Levene
"It grooves like a sunday morning in Atlanta Georgia!"
Jazz 91.9fm WCLK, Jamal Ahmad
"Lack of Afro's is clearly self-inflicted, certainly not genetic, because he is sooooo freaking funky."
Triple J Radio, Will Styles
"Really loving this 'Special Baby'... my favourite of all his stuff so far. Original is low-slung, understated and beautifully bluesy... Bandoni's remix adds an excellent funk niggling guitar, kicks the drums up... and put's it right in the peak-time dancefloor spot. Freestyle release of the year? but it's only March"
The Joint Sessions, DJ Roger C
"Special Baby and Beautiful Here are both favs from me on the album. The Flevans remix is very groovy, like that a lot."
Bernd "Kinski" Roesler
"The Flevans remix is super-tight! Hasn't left my crate since I first heard it…"
The Bamboos/Lanu, Lance Ferguson
"A tune for each mood - all brilliant!"
BaseFM 107.3, CoopaBlu
"another tight release from my favorite Freestyle artist Lack Of Afro. heavy Club Funk for serious dancefloors!"
Switchstance Recordings, Tom Strauch