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Speedometer - AGAIN & AGAIN
12" Vinyl
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Freestyle Records

Released: 20th September 2010 | 4 track funk ep
Speedometer, one of the most successful UK funk & soul bands of the last decade, attain the next level of their musical ascendancy with the release of this amazing new 12 inch single (and digital download) Again & Again is taken from the forthcoming new album The Shakedown (FSRCD/LP082) which marks a step change in the groups sound and style, featuring more vocal led songs, a wider musical horizon, and the vocals of regular singer Ria Currie and guests Myles Sanko, Natasha Watts and the living legend Martha High! It's the golden tonsils of Natasha Watts that leads the proceedings on Again & Again, which is a dance floor focused release, which not only offers up the album version of this quite stunning track, but also is your only chance to own the fantastic DJ Format remixes that grace this stunning collection of 21st century funky soul!
"Musically funky with some subtle break beats!!"
Colourful Radio, Fitzroy Da Buzzboy
"A foray into andrenalin!"
"Love the flute mix, superb tough dancefloor action. Totally irresistable!"
6 music Funk & Soul Show, Simon Hodge
"probably one of the best Speedometer singles, funky as hell ! Quality production, great original compo inspired by Marlena Shaw and Lyn Collins. Add usual DJ Format incredible skills on the remix and you have a serious contender for the funk single of the year!", DJ PhilGood
"Flutey goodness!", Ennio Styles
"Dope Ass Funk in a DJ Format remix, what do you want more to rock the dancefloor? Excellent"
Switchstance Recordings, Tom Strauch
"Fantastic fast-paced funk with extra flute for the woodwind heads - a classic break in the making??? And Format bringing the remixes in wholesome style!"
DJ Richie Vegas
"Great mixed set of Again & Again, Flute version fantastic!!"
Starpoint Radio, Paul 'ABBO' Abbot
"These guys are on fire with another solid release! Well done."
Eavesdrop Radio, Junior
"Huge!!! Excellent DJ Format remix!"
Mucho Soul!, Ket Shah
"When i see DJ Format on the remix, i need to stop and listen!"
Groovy Sessions Radio, Angel Mishev
"Flute version has it for me, totally authentic jazz sound... love it!"
The Guide, Grant Paterson
"Top notch! Unleashing all the weapons in their arsenal: crisp production, dynamite vocals, exotic horns, and a killer beat."
Hip City Radio Show, Christopher Lawyer