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Jessica Lauren Four - Happiness Train
12" Vinyl
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Jessica Lauren Four

Happiness Train

Freestyle Records

Released: 19th March 2012 | 3 track soul jazz single
Freestyle Records is immensely proud to be the new home for one of the UK's most creative and in demand musicians, Jessica Lauren. Since the early 1990s, the soulful, spacey jazz grooves of keyboard player Jessica Lauren have been a familiar part of London's alternative music scene, having in the past released her own original music on Soul Jazz Records, M.E.L.T 2000 and People Records. Jessica's keyboard skills have augmented the live performances and studio recordings of world renowned artists such as Jean Carne, Tom Browne, Dexter Wansel and James Mason and Japan's United Future Organisation, UK soul diva Juliet Roberts, as well as Jessica currently being a core member of Nick Woodmansey's space jazz outfit Emanative. Jessica Lauren Four is her latest project, nearly entirely acoustic, and is an intoxicating cocktail of her many diverse musical influences including blues and soul, jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms, combined with ambient dance music, always interesting, absorbing and surprising. This tantalizing teaser of a 12 inch single gives a hint of the musical delights contained within the forthcoming album from Jessica (Jessica Lauren Four - FSRCD/LP093) Opening with Happiness Train, this rolling and rumbling rhythm & blues inflected number has a rootsy and soul stirring feel, with absolute legend Jocelyn Brown's vocals riding atop of Jessica's catchy piano vamp, this storming anthem combines an old school feel with a cutting edge sensibility and could only be the outcome of such a 'dream ticket' collaboration. I Believe takes the tempo right down as this touching song simply drips with sincerity and soul as Jocelyn demonstrates just why she is held in such high regard as an international singing star. Finally, White Mountain is a spell binding and hypnotic blend of 21st century jazz sensibilities combined with ambient dance music minimalism and is a lesson in taste, class and style.
"A cool trio of tracks from the Jessica Lauren Four – a very promising teaser for her first album on Freestyle! Happiness Train blends soul, jazz and blues pretty brilliantly – spare, rollicking piano, percussion, vocals and a train whistle, with a remarkably fresh and contemporary vibe."
Dusty Groove America
"This track is carrying some more soul train riders and I cannot wait to get on board!"
misterG, greenarrowradio
"White Mountain is brilliant!"
Robbie Vincent, Jazz FM
"Great to have a new record by Jessica. It sounds as great as her previous work, which is very great indeed!"
Dean Rudland, Ace Records
"A beautiful mix of soul, funk and rhythm... I like this, pure feeling!"
LeFtO, Studio Brussel
"Happiness Train is seriously big and with Jocelyn Brown on vocals it just got bigger!"
Nik Weston, Mukatsuku Records
"Simply superb!"
"This will be played in 2 daily shows!"
Yann Barbotin, Canal B Radio
"The tracks with Jocelyn Brown are pitch perfect!"
Ian Lythaby, Glastonbury FM
"Showing a side of the legendary Jocelyn Brown we dont see often enough. It's atmospheric and guaranteed Jazz Club floor filler, deserves to be huge!!!"
Ginger Tony, Solar Radio
"Stunning! One of the most original and captivating pieces that I have heard for a long long time. Record of the year so far! Will be hammered on the show!"
Craig Charles, BBC 6 Music
"Happiness Train finally gets an over due release it deserves, Jocelyn sounds on superb form, along with the tremendous dancer's dream track White Mountain from an exceptional UK female talent."
DJ Marcia Carr
"Ivory tickled at it's finest with Jocelyn Brown. 5 Stars!"
Paul Abbott,
"Eclectic and seamless Jazz and Soul fusion!"
Renegades Of Jazz
"Solid, soulful and on my favourite label!"
Blacc Jazz,
"Propulsive rhythm, evocative percussion, and smoking vocals add up to a runaway train of a track. Nice find, Freestyle!"
Christopher Lawyer, Hip City Radio
"When Jessica meets Jocelyn the magic happens. Thank you so much for making this world better!"
Soulmate, 45 RPM radio show
" more, no less"
kwak, Strictly Niceness Club
Junior, Record Breakin' Music
"Get on board and enjoy the ride!"
Sean Smith, Tokyo Jazz Notes
"Happiness Train is nothing but blissful, soulful, bluesy & amazing!"
Georgios Paroglou