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Lack of Afro - One Way: Remixes & Rarities - Sampler
12" Vinyl
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Lack of Afro

One Way: Remixes & Rarities - Sampler

Freestyle Records

Released: 2nd April 2012 | 5 track funk ep
In a remarkably short amount of time, Adam Gibbons (Lack Of Afro) has amassed an extensive and varied body of work. From his own recordings, featuring his multi instrumental skills, to producing, DJ-ing and of course remixing tracks by a huge range of different artists. This 5 track, 12 inch vinyl single/digital download features a cross section of tracks from the forthcoming 2 disc, 27 track album One Way: Remixes & Rarities including brand new unreleased tracks like Daddy Brings His A Game. This exclusive new track very nearly made it onto Lack Of Afro's 2011 album This Time album. All built on a filthy bass line from Damon Minchella, and helped out with some guitar, and Hammond from the boy Flevans. There are also top notch remixes by Lack Of Afro such as Soopasoul - Brand Nu (LOA Remix) which Adam often cites this track as probably his favourite ever LOA remixes as the strings hold a special place is in heart, and someone recently told him that the kick drum sound was the best they've ever heard. As rock solid as a diamond anvil, it seems to do the job anyway! The Hot 8 Brass Band - It's Real (LOA Remix) Having only the stereo master to work with on this one, meant writing a whole new track whilst keeping elements of the original to create this mix. Not an easy task, but it turned into one of the most rewarding Lack Of Afro remixes ever. Featuring heavy funk all the way. courtesy of Mike Bandoni (Funkshone/The 6 Music Fantasy Funk Band) on drums, and Nick 'Frootful' Radford on guitar.
"How can one man be so talented that even the cuts that don't make the album are killers? This is one seriously tough and wonderful 12"
Craig Charles, BBC 6Music
"Pure sick! there really isnt any other way to express my respect for this man!"
Smoove, Smoove & Turrell
"This whole release has the energy of a tornado but with the agility of a panther."
Adam, The ASBO Disco
"My insides are jumping around they got outside and the dancing is good out here."
misterG, greenarrowradio
"This gonna be big! Summersque Grooviness for Sunny Days!"
Christos Exarchopoulos, The Trouble Radioshow
"Splendid treasure chest from Lack of Afro!"
Yann Barbotin, Canal B Radio
"If this is Daddy s A Game, he's not to be trifled with! This is great, I can slip it into my funk sets AND my hiphop/acid jazz/downtempo sets! LOA FTW!"
T-Bird, Wtnr
"Hot 8 Brass 'It's Real' Will certainly be a great one to play on the radio show. Funky, Dirty and Raw!"
Oscar Smith
"Loving the samba. For sure will be receiving my full support"
Russ Jones, SOS Radio
"From the cool breaks of Passive Aggressive to the dirty percussion / bass of Daddy Brings His Game, LOA has pulled out all the stops for fans of essential bar grooves. Awesome collection of rarities & reworkings!"
Ginger Tony, Solar Radio/Soul Survivor
"On My Way ftg Herbal T.. CHOON! A Hypnotic slice of percussion driven funk, so cool it's hot!"
Peet Hawly,
"An incredible melange of sounds and words! Guaranteed to get your ass movin'…"
Christopher Lawyer, 88 1 KDHX FM
"Fresh Future Jazz - sounding real tight!"
"Daddy does indeed bring his A game!"
Andrew Jervis, The Friday Night Session
"Smashing funkster remixes to rock the crowd!"
The Renegades Of Jazz
"Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy! I'm a sucker for funky flutes so Passive Aggressive really hits the spot for me."
Richard E, Further Out Recordings
"Adam brings his 'A' game and shows us he is not merely on his way, but he's come swooshing by and left us all in the dust and grime of his raw funk tunes."
Sjoerd Kranendonk,
"LOAs remix of Its Real is the funkiest has never failed to lift the feet"
John Warr, Brighton's Juice 107.2 FM
"This is dancefloor filling material, 5 ladles of drums and 10 of bass, fantastic!"
Kappa, Radio Reverb
"Really diggin this collection of tunes. The reworks give these tunes new life and showcases some really great production. Definitely gonna be giving a few of these tunes some luv on the decks!"
DJ Applejac,
"With bone crunching drums and sweet melody loops one of todays more interesting studio alchemists shows diversity and groove on this sweet little round up!"
Anthony Psaltis, Eastside Radio
"Reinventing the funk without losing any of the flavour"
Blacc Jazz,
"Lack of Afro delivers bigtime a set of tunes positively dripping with quality."
Tony Minvielle,
"Instead of releasing the shitsack of filler which constitutes most artists idea of 'remixes and rarities' he drops some of the best stuff I've ever heard off him!"