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The Shaolin Afronauts - Brooklyn
12" Vinyl
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The Shaolin Afronauts


Freestyle Records

Released: 18th June 2012 | 2 track world fusion single

The Shaolin Afronauts return!

2011's debut album from The Shaolin Afronauts 'Flight Of The Ancients' was a critical and commercial success story, lauded as a truly original blend of the sounds of1970's West Africa, Ethiopia and the pioneering and progressive avant-garde jazz artists of the same period.

'Flight Of The Ancients' went onto be nominated for several music awards, including the 25th Aria Fine Arts Awards in the world music category, whilst the band, led by Ross McHenry, cemented it's reputation as a truly revelatory live act, with a colourful and vibrant visual element to their shows, with the band resplendent in flowing, hooded robes and face paint to complete the spiritual presentation of their highly original music.

Now in 2012, The Shaolin Afronauts continue their musical journey with the follow up album 'Quest Under Capricorn' from which this new single 'Brooklyn' is taken. It is clear from the first few bars that the groups sound has progressed and expanded. Whilst the multi layered rhythms remain, as well the hypnotic horns and melodic interplay, the soulful, jazz inspired harmony has been taken up several levels to a quite stunning effect. Deep, yet instantly catchy, the Afronauts straddle art and entertaining, engaging grooves like no other group currently recording.

The b side of this limited edition 12 inch single is a very special live version of 'Kilimanjaro', which was recorded in January 2012 at the Adelaide Festival Centre, Space Theatre with an expanded 18 piece line up – as The Shaolin Afronauts Ensemble. This track is not included on the forthcoming new album and is a totally exclusive to this single – even more reason to delve into then groups evolving and expanding music!

The first release in the 'Freestyle 300' series - strictly limited edition, numbered singles.

"Will I support this? Absofrigginlutely!"
Richard Bamford,
"Love this! Shaolin Afronauts are just fantastic. Full Support!"
DJ Gilla, First Word Recordings
"A summer shake down, funky and jazzy with plenty of horns. It doesn't get better!"
DJ Kappa, Radio Reverb, Brighton
"Glad this was the first thing I listened to today! It's gonna be a good day"
Justin Main, DMX music.
"Seriously? This afro funk will punch folks in their guts!"
Junior, Eavesdrop Radio WKDU 91.7
"Sooo cinematic!!"
Black Mighty Wax, Gru Radio (Turin)
"Its a good day. Yet more dirty funk from Shaolin Afronauts!"
Russ Jones,
"Seriously jazzy funky groove reminiscent of the blaxploitation era"
Ash Selector, Solar Radio
"Love this new sound!"
Jamal Ahmad, Soul of Jazz: Jazz 91.9fm
"Heavy like a tonne of bricks, smooth like a velvet milkshake."
Pierre-Jean Lavigne, Galaxie Radio