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Kalbata & Mixmonster - Congo Beat the Drum
12" Vinyl

Kalbata & Mixmonster

Congo Beat the Drum

Freestyle Records

Released: 28th July 2014 | 3 track dancehall single

The world of roots reggae & dancehall has been fully awoken to the fantastic analogue sounds of Kalbata & Mixmonsters' music - and even Rob Da Bank, Robert Elms, & Toddla T and The Wire magazine have supported and enthusiastically raved about their brand new yet wonderfully old school music.

And now - in time for summer festivals and carnivals, the floor shaking, speaker rattling track Congo Beat The Drum featuring Major Mackerel gets the 12 inch single treatment. The pounding drums and the larynx busting vocal performance from the Jamaican veteran is an unstoppable, unforgettable and frankly mesmerising experience!

Released alongside the original (and an instrumental version of stand out album track Out Of Road) is an amazing remix by Kahn - the Bristol based producer, renowned dubstepper, remixer, member of the Sureskank Collective - who with this remix displays his mastery of blending all kinds of styles, and injects his remix with some of his favourite influences - including Middle Eastern music scales - which ensures his reworking of Congo Beat The Drum is fresh, original and inspiring.

This single will be one of the sound system hits of summer 2014!

"Stand out, floor shaking track!"
The Wire
"This is great! Digging the Kahn remix, but the original is where it's at."
Philip Sherburne, Spin
Slugabed, Ninja Tune / Activia Benz
"Yes, great vibes... and drums!"
Rob Da Bank, BBC Radio 1
"Love this and Kalbata's work."
Paul Jonas, Tru Thoughts