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Kylie Auldist - Waste of Time
12" Vinyl

Kylie Auldist

Waste of Time

Freestyle Records

Released: 8th July 2016 | 5 track disco ep

Australian vocalist extraordinaire Kylie Auldist will be no stranger to soul & funk fans, her searing soul singing having featured on her own albums 'Made Of Stone' ,'Still Life' (Tru Thoughts) also in The Bamboos, as well as Freestyle Records own Cookin' On 3 Burners.

Her unmistakable voice is currently topping the pop charts across Europe, as the Kungs remix of Cookin' On 3 Burners 'This Girl' has proven a sure fire hit with club audiences as well as pop fans. It has been playlisted on BBC Radio 1 and Capital FM, and is now a Top 10 hit in the Official UK Chart.

For her first solo album on Freestyle, Kylie, assisted by long time friends & collaborators Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos/Lanu/CO3B/Black Feeling) and Graeme Pogson (of Aussie electronic duo GL) have honed and perfected a collection of amazing new boogie, disco & electro-funk inspired tracks that evoke the feel and sound of late 70's & early 80's club classics. Think of classic acts like D Train, Sinnamon, and singers like Chaka Khan, Maxine Singelton, Sharon Redd and you will already start to understand where this new project is rooted.

Kicking off this authentically disco style 5 track, 12 inch single and download single is Waste Of Time, a shimmering, soulful and devilishly catchy mid tempo groover. Graeme Pogsons' synthesizer bass lines are so evocative of that era , they act like a musical time machine! This is perfect summer time soul.

Sensational (which has a sensational video to accompany it) hits a little harder, the beats, bass line and Kylie's vocals will drive you onto the dance-floor and stay there until the very last note and begging for more. Good Time Girl doesn't let the pressure drop for a second and also features a fantastic proto-rap contribution from King Merc - whilst Family Tree (the title track from the forthcoming album) is pure Saturday night, feel good disco aimed at the ears and dancing feet.

The last track Rewards is yet another supremely insistent and catchy song that provides a tantalising hint of the goodies to come when Family Tree finally sees release later this year...can you wait?

"Really nice stuff - got that classic sound nailed! Reminds me of Chaka Khan / Alicia Myers!"
DJ Gilla, First Word Records
"Love it to death, sublime!"
Francesco Adinolfi, Rai Radio1
"70s/80s disco boogie heaven. Each track is a winner and is destined for the more discernible dance floors. Loving this release!!"
Rich Chocolate,
"An enormous talent - a brilliant sound!"
DJ James Lewis
"Kylie quite simply can do no wrong and I am very much digging the disco stylings of the new tunes"
Chris Xynos,
"This is totally superfly - we love it!"
Juergen Drimal, Superfly Radio -
"Kylie has one of the most funky & innovative voices of the moment. Absolute winner."
Monte La Rue, Jazzism magazine
"Truly ingenious and eclectic package of dazzling tunes bringing back memories from yesteryear"
Mike Fossati,
"I feel like I'm in an 80's time warp, but in a great way!"
Alejandro Ramirez, Filtered Sunshine Radio
"Welcome contribution to the nudisco vibe at the moment and quality rendering of the sound of the early 80's."