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Manteca - TREMENDO BOOGALOO (Single)
7" Vinyl
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Freestyle Records

Released: 14th March 2005 | 2 track latin & world jazz single
Formed by ex-Candela member back in 1990, Manteca is comprised of the most professional and skilled musicians within the London Latin scene. Spreading their wings right across the Latino spectrum and incorporating boogaloo, funk, cumbia and soul into their sound, they are one of the new school groups bringing a fresh edge to the traditional. 'Tremendo Boogaloo' fires up the floor with a groove reminiscent of Mongo Santamaria or Bobby Valentin: definitely one for the ladies. On the flip 'Pa Lante' comes through with a more traditional latin sound to introduce a little fiery sauce to the mix.'
"Ripping new live funky Salsa affair from the finest Latin musicians of London, guaranteed to induce all manner of heel-stamping and handclapping among the throng. Throw in an ?Ol?? if you?re that way inclined, some twat usually does."