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Jazz Juice - The Kicker
7" Vinyl
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Jazz Juice

The Kicker

Freestyle Records

Released: 16th May 2005 | 2 track latin & world jazz single
JazzJuice is the latest project from DJ Graham B (New Cool Collective/Electro Côco) in co-operation with producer/musician and VJ, Alain Eskinasi. From rocking dancefloors around their hometown of Amsterdam with a live audio visual jam, both have refined their craft and turned their hands to creating these two tracks. 'The Kicker' is just that - an absolute mule of a track, with more kick than Roberto Carlos. Reworking Freddie Hubbards 'Return of the Prodigal Son' they update the track with a much punchier feel and delicious horns. On the flip 'Mara Bossa' gets busy with Edu Lobo for another sizzling slice of freshness from Freestyle.'
"Think US3?s ?Cantaloop?, The All Seeing I?s ?The Beat Goes On? and Touch & Go?s ?Would You?? and you?re in the right ballpark for this script-flip of Freddie Hubbard?s ?Return of the Prodigal Sound?. Therefore don?t be surprised if it becomes the sound bed to everything from home improvement shows to Football Focus. ?Mara Bossa? plays the dogged samba sibling. ****"
Matty O, Update