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POETS OF RHYTHM / JAGUAR - Ham Gallery / Battle of Funk
7" Vinyl
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Ham Gallery / Battle of Funk

Freestyle Records

Released: 19th September 2005 | 2 track funk single
Another taster from the forthcoming 'Stay on the Groove ' album compiled by label owner Adrian Gibson. Here you have 2 fine examples of how modern funk should sound. First up, Germany's Poets of Rhythm, arguably the first players in the scene to push the new funk style, drop one of their all time classics on 7' for the first time. Crisp drums, heavy bass and sweet horns make this a tried and tested piece of stone cold dancefloor funk. The flipside sees Iceland's answer to the JBs, Jaguar laying down another groove laden monster that The Godfather himself would be proud of (and we don't mean Marlon Brando). This track was originally the b-side to the very first release on FREESTYLE, but has long since been out of press so we though it a good idea to give it another lease of life.'
"Yet another funky sensation from the Freestyle stable. Being of German origin, ?Ham Gallery? is a strong, meaty guitar and bass throwdown with a nicely spicy keyboard noodle bringing up the rear. Brought back to the fore, the fly ?Battle of Funk?, both constricted and able to give its soloists individual airtime, pounces to leave honeys swooning and enemies cursing. ****"
Matt Oliver, Update
"...jabbing horns and tight funk beats ***"