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Nosotros Pimpamos - Three Color Collar
7" Vinyl
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Nosotros Pimpamos

Three Color Collar

Freestyle Records

Released: 17th October 2005 | 2 track funk single
From the Tex-Mex south comes the best band name ever, plus some tight solos all across the horn section. While it can't be fully verified, it seems pretty certain that this one is the brainchild of the same C. Willie that brought us the funk epic 'Korea'. Since the original versions of both songs track back to Houston Texas, it seems pretty certain they're one and the same. This record made 22 hours digging in a Texas warehouse in severe heat well worth it. Now in addition to giving the world some great chicken fried steak, Tomball Texas has something else to brag about. Down south we stay on the flip, heading over to Mobile, Alabama for some funk that sounds decidely not southern. The reason? 'Black Daniels' aka Percy Daniels - the drummer for the group and a transplanted northerner (Dayton, Ohio). The slicker, keyboard-based sound (the combo had no guitarist) contrasts with the harder funk style rising from the southern states at the time, making this a truly unique track. The production by Skeeter Thompson brings out the hard-hitting drums of Daniels, supposedly named after drinking two bottles of Jack Daniels in 20 minutes and living to tell the tale. This track was originally the A-side of a one-sided 7' and is the only known release ever from the group.'
"Yet more Freestyle all-action funk monsters putting the boogie in your body, direct from Clarence Foster?s school of modest track titling. ?Chicken? isn?t about guarding a secret blend of herbs and spices ? just running guitars and drums in an uncut tandem of dope ? and basketball homage ?Dunk? leaves ?em swinging from the bleachers with wikki-wikki wickedness from the free-throw line. 4/5"
Matt Oliver, Update
"More ludicrously obscure funk action unearthed by professional crate digger Adrian Gibson. Neither tracks is quite as powerful or destructive as some of the other recent Freestyle 7s, but both have fantastic drums. U.F.Ho is little more than a funky break and a tasty bassline?but what a break. Loop it up"