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The Quartertones / The Apples - Caffeine (DJ Format's Getaway Version) / Attention!
7" Vinyl
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The Quartertones / The Apples

Caffeine (DJ Format's Getaway Version) / Attention!

Freestyle Records

Released: 16th October 2006 | 2 track funk single
In anticipation of the forthcoming follow up to the hugely popular Stay On The Groove compilation, Freestyle drop another couple of sublime modern funk nuggets on 45. Beaming in directly from Israel, The Apples give us the insanely catchy Attention! - lifted from their debut album of the same name, this is an essential slice of dancefloor funk. Updating the classic funk sound, The Apples drop heavy instrumentation over a looped up break, alongside some fresh cuts and scratches. Rumoured to be a live experience not to miss, we hope to be able to bring you more from this energetic set. Over on the flip, Canada's finest The Quartertones drop another hefty chunk of funk with the highly charged Caffeine. Stepping up on remix duties is the UK's very own DJ Format - applying the brakes and beefing up the beats with his trademark funk sound. Sounding like the theme to the worlds funkiest carchase, it's hard to imagine this not killing it on the dancefloor!
"The mighty Freestyle drop a pair of samplers taken from ‘Stay on the Groove 2’, their latest chapter of a rattling funk fanfare mixing up vintages and the new skool trading on classic values. Without a puerile giggle about the title in sight come German go-getters Poets of Rhythm, with ‘Mess’ featuring drum and horn sections most master hip-hop producers swipe with abandon. The Budos Band take up the slack to go gung-ho with another horn-belted blazer and contagious up-down bassline to trip the hip switch from way back. 5/7"
Matt Oliver, One Week To Live