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Lack of Afro - Roderigo
7" Vinyl
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Lack of Afro


Freestyle Records

Released: 29th January 2007 | 2 track funk single
Freestyle's new kid on the block, Lack Of Afro (aka Adam Gibbons), returns once more with a hard hitting slice of dancefloor magic. His debut single Wait A Minute turned heads around the globe with a wide array of DJs charting it as well as picking up plays on Radio 1. In a similar vein, but this time taking it's cues from latin funk, Roderigo is a stomping, horn led dancefloor monster - once again illustrating the unique production style of this young producer and giving another indication of what's to come (album expected this year!) Over on the flip, we let Natural Self (Breakin Bread / The Black Keys) loose on the track and as usual he doesn't disappoint! Taking samples from the original composition but replaying the horn refrain with some startling flute work, the Brighton based beatsmith takes the track in an entirely different direction, but still focussed on shaking butts out on the floor! Complete with his trademark drums and percussion, Natural Self serves a perfect complement to the original. A stunning start to 2007 we're sure you'll agree!
"Very funky, crammed full of breaks and musical flourishes and in my box for months! Simply an excellent record!"
Pete Isaac, Jelly Jazz
"Quality cut and paste beats in the accent of afro latin from Adam Gibbons. Short and most definitely sweet, this gem gets busy over a three minute spread, leaving a cloud of dust in its trail. Ariba!"
Found Sounds, DJ
"Roderigo is one of the dirtiest horn fueled drum blasted funk tunes out this year with such a killer groove that makes any danceloor shake it's ass!!"
Smoove, Acid Jazz/Wack records
"The Natural Self mix keeps making me wet my pants! I have to DJ standing in a bucket."
Dom Servini, Wah Wah
"More quality dancefloor funk from the Freestyle crew - love this!"
Boca 45
"Fab...I've been playing the cdr for ages!"
Paul Murphy
" all-action extravaganza of funk fire and flamboyance"
Matt Oliver, One Week To Live
"Really love this little seven - tight party tackle with top big band sample manipulation! Playing in most of my sets in main rooms, back rooms and bars."
Dr Rubberfunk
"Rhythmically involving and musically engaging this hard-hitting full-on wall of afro-latin-funk-fusion with percussive breakdowns and competent mixing is as uncompromisingly heavy as it is easy on the ear."
Gerald, Jazzman
"Good Latin vibes that will fit well into my sets - I'm not sure which mix to play!"
Skeg, Breakin Bread