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Deep Street Soul - Kick Out The Jams (feat. Tia Hunter)
7" Vinyl
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Deep Street Soul

Kick Out The Jams (feat. Tia Hunter)

Freestyle Records

Released: 28th September 2009 | 2 track funk single
Taken from the forthcoming self titled album, this stunning single ventures into the rock landscape as Tia Hunter leads the group through this rollocking reworking of the MC5's 'Kick Out The Jams' As if that wasn't enough the flipside features Shirley Davis letting rip on this story of what some people will do to get their hands on the worlds greatest superpower, folding, moolah, dosh, readies, Greenbacks in other words CASH!
"Dirtier and grittier than sex in a gravel pit, this inspired cover of The MC5’s seminal garage rock"
"Anyone who says this isn’t the best new funk track all year wants workin’ on"
"Absolutely love it, great raw sounding production, playing out Kick Out The Jams & Red Raw in particular."
DJ Flevans
"This is the greatest version of the song ever recorded..and I think Rage Against the Machine did a terrific job of it! Really, a prescient and insightful job."
MC5, Wayne Kramer