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Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers - Swingy Boogaloo
7" Vinyl
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Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers

Swingy Boogaloo

Freestyle Records

Released: 16th May 2011 | 2 track latin soul single
Born in Caracas, Venezuela, and raised on the lower east side of Manhattan, Ray Lugo has experienced such an enormous variety of music in his life time, from attending gigs by Fania Records super stars with his parents as a young boy, though to being a roadie on the Beastie Boys 'License to Ill' tour, performing in bands, managing bands, running record labels and club nights - Ray has seen the music world from every angle possible.

Also known as the driving force behind US afrobeat heavy hitters 'Kokolo' , Rays latest project brings him full circle as he returns to his latino/New York roots with 'The Boogaloo Destroyers' his new project dedicated to spreading the unifying spirit of classic boogaloo, the fusion of influences that fermented into the heady brew that changed forever the future of latin & soul music in the mid to late 1960's.

Swingy Boogaloo was originally known as the instrumental heavyweight number by El Gran Combo: 'Gran Combo's Boogaloo' . Ray has augmented the original with new lyrics, chorus and title and the results speak volumes about the authenticity of this music.

This beautiful little 45 single is a teaser for the forthcoming full length Boogaloo Destroyers album 'Mi Watusi' (FSRCD/LP087) which will be creating waves all through Summer 2011, take it from us!
"It’s the sort of thing that, wherever you are, has the power to evoke too-hot summers in the latin-quarter, where vandalised fire hydrants shower Jose Public like there’s no manana and hot-panted Latinas gyrate to the groove until long into a night warmed by the day’s heat rising off hot concrete. No mean feat given where I live. Muy caliente!"
"Without a doubt a summer slammer.....wicked!"
Soulm8 magazine
"101% FREESTYLE QUALITY as usual....Grrrrrreat work!"
"You mean, this ISN'T classic Fania? Ray Lugo has hit the jackpot. A great sound that deserves a major resurgence."
Hip City Radio Show
"Great latin stuff amigos, enjoying it a lot!! Saborrrrrrr!!!"
"Caliente! some serious summer grooves from the mighty Ray Lugo; get your dancin shoes on!"
Tom Wieland/
"Summer anthem. Sure shot for our show!"
Rene Josquin,
"Digging the latin throwback vibes with heavy funk sauce!"
DJ T-Bird
"Great groovy stuff for hot summer nights - airplay is guaranteed!"
Alooga Media, DJ Ottic
"Play loud, preferably outdoors in the sunshine ..with chicken!"
Phonic FM, DJ Nomark
"Nice production , extremely infectious and highly desirable & very usable. Quality 45."
SOLAR RADIO, Dr Bob jones
"I loved Kokolo at the beginning, and this new release by Ray Lugo brings me back to the same excitement - love the groovy 60s vibe"
Paris DJs, Djouls
"This has hit the spot on this fine sunny day, this tune is so lovely I'd like to start dating it."
Audio Sunshine Show/RTE, Tom Lowe
"Freestyle does it again with swinging booogaloo!"
Jazzcotech, DJ Perry Louis
"Very much high-quality Latin vibes in the Fania tradition, only it's on Freestyle. What's not to like?!"
Urban Landscapes, Velanche
"Pushing the classic boogaloo sound deeper into the 21st century!"
Jazz 91.9fm WCLK, Jamal Ahmad
"Not many people can capture the rawness and excitement of that Nuyorican 60s boogaloo sound, but Ray and the boys have it down pat. This is superb!"
Demus Productions, Simon Hodge