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Kalbata & Mixmonster - Prisoner in Love (feat. Little John)
7" Vinyl

Kalbata & Mixmonster

Prisoner in Love (feat. Little John)

Freestyle Records

Released: 17th March 2014 | 2 track reggae single

Freestyle Records is immensely proud to announce the release of this new single from new signing Kalbata & Mixmonster - Prisoner In Love, which is taken from the forthcoming stunning album Congo Beat The Drum.

Kalbata & Mixmonster went into their home studio ago in Tel Aviv, Israel with the purpose of recording a 100% analogue dub album in the spirit of the late King Tubby and the early dancehall era of the late 70's and early 80's. A 16-track tape machine and an old analogue mixing desk were their main instruments, with musicians playing live all throughout the album.

A year after recording the instrumental backing tracks, they travelled to Kingston, Jamaica and started tracking down their favourite singers and deejays from days gone by. The stunning and totally authentic results evoke the heyday of Jamaican music - and on 'Prisoner In Love' legendary vocalist Little John, regarded by some as the first dancehall vocalist, hits just the right feel on this mellow, down tempo number. His voice floats alongside the ethereal piano and on the money drum patterns and deep bass lines perfectly.

On the flip - special guest Kutiman drives the CRB organ on this instrumental version excursion of Prisoner In Love - proper old school JA style!

"A true bit of new roots & that!"
Robert Elms, BBC London 94.9
"King Tubby would have been proud! Extremely authentic and wonderful."
"Absolutely fantastic tune from Kalbata & Mixmonster, Instant love and support."
HARPER, Polskie Radio 4
"FYAH! Beautiful ting! Will support on my radio show & DJ gigs."
DJ AIS-T, Basso Radio,
"Could be listening to JA circa 75 which is a total compiment, fabulous authentic roots reggae.."
Stuart Patterson, /
"Yep, loving this! Especially the CRB version with Kutiman!"
Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s, Echoes, Colourful
"I love this! Will support"
Rob Da Bank, BBC Radio 1
"AAAAAhhhhh....finally some reggae!"
Dubbel Dee, Radio (Mo'Jazz)
"Heavy! Proper reggae dub business! Big up!"
Nicole Mckenzie, Sounds Of The Universe
"An amazing project this... full of analogue warmth"
Todda T, BBC Radio 1