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The Manuel Azevedo Quartet & Esperanto - Black Feeling, Vol. 3 (Sampler)
7" Vinyl

The Manuel Azevedo Quartet & Esperanto

Black Feeling, Vol. 3 (Sampler)

Freestyle Records

Released: 28th August 2015 | 2 track latin & world jazz single

Black Feeling, a rhythmic feeling, a soulful feeling...

The previous two volumes of Black Feeling compiled a wealth of new and old discoveries culled from our musical explorations around the globe. In many instances the recordings were unearthed from unreleased master tapes, private-press vinyl recordings and little-known local releases.

It is now with great excitement that we present to you the 2-track Black Feeling Volume 3 sampler.

Kicking off with Futebol bu Bar by The Manuel Azevedo Quartet, an absolutely storming version of a club classic, this percussive, driving rhythmic onslaught will leave you breathless & sweaty! Eumir Deodato's Latin Strut has always been a much loved, crowd pleaser and this version by Esperanto, with its synthesiser line takes the melody in an analogue direction, while the Esperanto rhythm section put in in some serious overtime to make this version as memorable as the original.

Now hold on to your armchair (or the one you love), as we take off at a speed of forty five revolutions per minute to these two enchanting, evocative and pulsating rhythms taken from the forthcoming Black Feeling Vol. 3!

"Fantastic, will be a storming seven inch!"
Monk-One, Wax Poetics
"Two of my favourite comps get a third volume and listen to these two bangers on this preview, fantastic reworkings, can't wait to hear the rest of the album!"
Mike Chadwick, Jazz FM
"The Manuel Azevedo Quartet version of Futebol De Bar is really good"
Kev Beadle, Solar Radio
"Hallelujah, it's the long-awaited return of Lance Ferguson's 'Black Feeling' series! The first two installments are two of my favourite records and never leave my crate. Sounds like this time out Ferguson is stepping into the latin jazz groove, conjuring up the conga funk of Santamaria and Tjader!"
Greg Vickers, Urban Modernists Radio | Afternoons In Stereo
"What an amazing truly breathtaking re-imagination..."
Mike Fossati,
"Dynamite-if the rest of the album is upto the standards of these two tracks then this is a monster!"
JAMES LEWIS, radio syndication programme
"Gosh, Futebol de Bar is one hell of a blast and the start to a wild tropical party. Latin Strut follows close behind. Love it and cant help but give it 5 stars"
John Warr, AfroBase
"Killer version of Futebol bu Bar - Fire!!!"
Phil Levene, Eclectic Jazz
"Superb doubleheader of Quality Latino dancers. Yes both sides work perfectly and do exactly what it says on the tin....Wonderful."