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Basement Boys - Basement Boys Present: Mudfoot Jones
CD Album
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Basement Boys

Basement Boys Present: Mudfoot Jones

Freestyle Records

Released: 26th March 2007 | 14 track acid jazz album
Little Maurice Jones was born deep in a Louisiana bayou in 1932. While he grew up in a family of guitar pickers, he gravitated towards banging things constantly at a very early age, much to his momma's dismay and annoyance. Eventually, he made his way to the drums, though he can play pretty much any instrument and will sing if coaxed or bribed appropriately. While some so-called critics without any real sense of music have on occasion opined that he's a little too heavy on the bass drum, it's Mudfoot's signature style and the quirk which gave him his nickname. One day at a recording session, the engineer called out, Hey Mudfoot! Can you turn it down some, son! Ever since that fateful afternoon, the name Mudfoot has stuck to Jones like glue. Having produced hits for artists such as Ultra Nate, Crystal Waters and Mass Order and remixing tracks by Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Angie Stone and Lenny Kravitz as well as knocking out underground classics under the names of 33 1/3 Queen and Those Guys, it’s no surprise that The Basement Boys are regarded as pioneers of American dance music. Synonymous with the deep house and garage scene of the mid 90s, the boys have also lent their golden touch to more contemporary artists such as Shaun Escoffery, Marcell Russell and Bob Sinclair. Here the boys delve deep into their soul, jazz and Latin roots to concoct the perfect setting for Mudfoot to do his thing. The end result is a magical mix of the blues, jazz, gospel, and Latin rhythms: 14 tracks of down-home, get-up and get-down music.