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Speedometer - Four Flights Up
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Four Flights Up

Freestyle Records

Released: 18th June 2007 | 14 track funk album
Speedometer, the UK's premier funk band started out as a quartet gigging in small clubs in the Southeast of England in 1999, playing classic funk tunes by artists such as The Meters and The JB's. The emerging modern funk boom of the mid 90s, aided by magazines such as Big Daddy and DJs Keb Darge, Snowboy and Jazzman Gerald, lapped up the authentic sounds and tight arrangements of these young enthusiastic bands. Following the hugely successful singles Work It Out and At The Speakeasy and albums This is Speedometer Volumes 1 & 2, aswell as last years Diggin Deeper compilation of early rarities, the band return to the fray with a brand new long player of fresh material. Featuring vocalist Ria Currie, the album picks up where the last left off - jam packed with instantaneously catchy riffs, blasting horns, neck snapping drums and the familiar guitar work and production sound of Leigh Gracie. Throughout the album you can hear nods to the great and, in many cases, late artists that have influenced the Speedometer sound †none more so that the cover of The Meters “Same Old Thing††pumped out at a breakneck speed. There is also a cover of The Chi Lites “Are You My Woman††the original sample source for Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love†and a classic soul anthem. Cleverly twisting the lyrics to turn the question back to the fellas, this should go down a storm on any dancefloor. The band also provided backing for funk legend Robert Moore (responsible for the classics “Cramp Your Style†and “Everything Is Gonna be Alrightâ€) on his recent visit to the UK and wasted no time in getting him into the studio to lay down some vocals for two tracks “Make It Alright†and “Do Right Man††both masterpieces in modern funk. Rumoured to be working with DJ Format on his forthcoming album, Speedometer are back in the driving seat and don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon!
"Until now, most new funk bands only hinted at 'real' funk. Apart from The Bamboos, Dapkings, NMS and QSO, modern funk lacks a certain grit and pace. Now Brits Speedometer challenge all with an absolutely stunning LP of the most authentic sounding modern funk to date. It's all here, mid tempo cuts with vocalists Ria Curry and legend Robert Moore, plus loads of mind blowing instrumental monsters. What makes this LP stand out is it's tight, gritty production, complex arrangements and breathtaking musicianship. Speedometer are cookin' up a storm, especially on the title track which goes from uptempo soundtrack sounding funk into a slice of boogaloo. Inspired and thoroughly essential!`"
Pete Isaac, Jelly Jazz