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Quasimode - Oneself Likeness
CD Album
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Oneself Likeness

Freestyle Records

Released: 23rd July 2007 | 11 track latin & world jazz album
The Japanese jazz scene is currently hotter than ever. With high profiled bands like Soil & Pimp Session and Sleepwalker enjoying great success all over the world we now introduce the next big Jazz band from Japan. Jazz in Japan, in all it's forms, has become increasingly popular again and the music is played in trendy bars, restaurants, shopping malls, aswell as being used for TV advertising, which has not only increased the popularity of home grown talent but also that of imported music from Europe such as Nicola Conte, Koop and Five Corners Quintet for example. Quasimode is a 4 piece Jazz band based in Tokyo, Japan and was formed in 2002. Their sound is based on authentic jazz rhythms from the 60's and 70's. With a mixed club and Latin feel they deliver all their music live and have gained a strong support in their native Japan. Last year Raw Fusion released two killer 12'' singles (both included on this album) which got massive radio & club play from the cream of the nu jazz fraternity. The Spiritual South mix in particular of ''Ipe Amarelo'' has been a permanent fixture in the record box of Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge and Jazzanova and still sounds fresh on each and every play winning new fans the world over. It's hoped that this debut European release will be worthy introduction to music lovers everywhere.
"Super tuff release!"
Patrick Forge
"Love it!"
Dom Servini
"Feeling all cuts. Spiritual South Mix is causing serious damage on all the dancefloors I played."
Borja, Lovemonk