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Deep Street Soul - Deep Street Soul
CD Album
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Deep Street Soul

Deep Street Soul

Freestyle Records

Released: 16th November 2009 | 11 track funk album
Following hot on the heels of Australia's Cookin' On 3 Burners and Randa & the Soul Kingdom, Freestyles' latest antipodean signings Deep Street Soul specialize in the ruffest, downest, gut wrenching, beat heavy fownk' Deep Street Soul are funk DJ & drummer Sol Loco, bass player & soul aficionado Papa 'J' Hunter, Steve Cropper disciple' Matt 'MG' Green and Queen of the Hammond Monique 'Mon Cherie' Boggia. Getting together in early 2006 they formed with the simple aim of recapturing some old skool southern flavors they had DJ'd with over the previous decade. Inspired by the breakout of nufunk throughout Europe & the States (not forgetting Osaka Monaurail and Australia's own - The Bamboos) they hit the clubs. Starting with an initial batch of Booker T & Meters covers, these quickly morphed into their own set of break filled funk & soul. Quickly snapped up by Freestyle Records' It's not just soulful funk that floats the bands boat, you only have to hear New Yorker Tia Hunters singing on DSS's version of the MC5's proto punk anthem 'Kick Out The Jams' to appreciate the bands love of kicking, forceful and rocking dynamics. This track (released as the A side of Freestyle 45 FSR7058) will shake club foundations around the globe, that's guaranteed. Monique Boggia certainly knows her way around a classic analogue keyboard, on 'Papa Jumps' she is out to steal Stevie Wonders clavinet crown, whilst keep one eye on her faithful Hammond Organ and on 'Get Up And Get It' she invokes the skanking spirit of late reggae keyboard king Jackie Mittoo proper style! The albums second vocal cut is a quirky, uber catchy outing, as Londoner Shirley Davis lets rip on this story of the worlds greatest superpower, folding, moolah, dosh, readies, Greenbacks.. in other words CASH! Deep Street Soul are yet another quality addition to the Freestyle Records roster of artists, they are proud to be punchy, glad to be gritty, delighted to be so dynamic and fantastically forceful. They are raw, real and street.. Dont say we didn't warn you!
"I can be very short about this band. If you like raw funk then this is a no-brainer. Buy this music! There are two shiny discs of black gold that harbour every deliciously raw tune these funksters have ever put out and it’s all good!"
Mamas Funky Flow
"Hard hitting, gritty riffing ,exceptionally spiffing Oz funk that shows this band have their groove on in all the right places"
Emrys Baird, Blues & Soul
"It’s my humble opinion that this is the best deep funk album of the year!"
Mamas Funky Fl;ow
"Not the only good deep funk LP of the year by a long way but easily one of the best."
"12 gut bustin hip shakin rump rollin funk groovers from the next BIG funk act from Australia."
Pete Isaac, Jelly Jazz
"An homage that combines formidable chops with a relentless intensity from start to finish.This is a heady return to a classic sound."
STUART MUNRO, The Boston Globe
"Rocking style and gets floors filled."
DJ Paul Murphy
"Some serius crackin deep funk from Melbourne. Their version of Kick out the jam is simply awesome.. quality!"
DJ Nick Recordkicks
"guitar, keys, brass, vocals and great 3 minute old skool funk slices - what more is there one needs?"
DJ Kappa, Radio Reverb
"Australia is definately where the funk is at these days and Deep Street Soul are in the mix and sounding bone deep! Crunchy as a nut salad and crispier than peking duck,the fatback beats keep rolling on this spiffing new album of theirs!"
Emrys Baird, Blues And Soul mag
"Has the boat with the funk genre aboard just found Australia or what???"
DJ Paul Abbott, Starpoint radio
"heavenly funky music...nuff said !!!"
DJ Markus Milz, Further In Fusion Radiosh
"More high quality Aussie funk flex, why are they so damn funky. Heavy, bouncy and extremely danceable…"
DJ Roy Roastbeef, Funkbox/Night Times
"Goes up there with 3 Burners for top contender of funk album of 2009. This band doesn't mess around; funk aficionados, don't sleep on this heavy-hitter!"
DJ Velanche, KCPR/Urban Landscapes
"Feelin' the deep street soul stuff sick funk tracks!"
Giant Steps NYC
"Deep Street Soul rock it, live and on this album. They are raw, real and street.."
Russ Dewbury, Jazz Rooms UK & AU
"I’ve just heard the preview of this album & it’s all killer and will, in my opinion, be one of the funk release’s of the year’"
Pete Isaac, Jelly Jazz UK