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Healer Selecta - Lets Get It Started
CD Album
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Healer Selecta

Lets Get It Started

Freestyle Records

Released: 8th March 2010 | 10 track funk single
Healer Selecta (aka Yvan Serrano-Fontova) is one of those multi talented characters in music who has blazed his own individual and highly independent trail right from the outset. Starting his musical journey early on, aged 10, playing along on his guitar to 45s by Link Wray and Magic Sam and digging the rebellious sounds his rock & roll and R&B heroes like Gene Vincent and Bo Diddley, Yvan was already displaying his wide ranging, eclectic thirst for music that was raw, exciting, retro and powerful. By the age of 18 he was putting on parties, gigs, shows, festivals and playing guitar in bands and grooving to whatever hidden gems he dug out of the dusty record boxes of record shacks across Europe and the US. The Healer Selecta phenomenon has been involved with an amazing array of influential figures over the years as a musician, club promoter, DJ, and film music supervisor, including John Peel, White Stripes producer Liam Watson, The Noisettes, Charlie Winston, The Portico Quartet and Hinda Hicks, as well as his own well renowned Raison D'Etre Collective. 'Lets Get It Started' is an album that displays all of Yvan's wide ranging taste, musical knowledge and experience. There are precious few groups whose influences range from soul, rocksteady, afrobeat, samba and Rhythm & Blues, latin boogaloo and surf, and even fewer who can blend these influences into a cohesive and original sound for the 21st century. It's not for nothing that respected publications sing his praises: International music bible Mojo magazine declared that 'Healer Selecta has made London swing again' whilst London listings magazine Time Out described Yvan as a 'hero with a record box. Sit back, let Yvan and his crew take you on a wild musical journey where genre, trends and narrow minded purism take a back seat in favour of simply great music, not old or new - just good!
"The real gem for me is the great Jazz-funk fusion track ‘Sweet Lil’ Thang Of Mine’ The Album is extremely uplifting, The more I’m hearing the more I’m liking it. If you are in need of a boost this is definitely your dose of musical caffeine !"
Soulm8 magazine, Phil Levene
"Healer Selecter (aka Yvan Serrano-Fontova) is bang in the zone with this fresh new offering. Chunky beats, Surf guitar, Boogaloo breaks, soul, rocksteady (you getting the idea? Eclectic!) It's all here and in fruitful abundance. This kid does not let up his schizoid tastes make him more varied than a kelloggs variety 12 pack"
Emrys Baird, Blues & Soul magazine
"An album that takes in Afrobeat, reggae, soul and even surf guitar. The musical métissage works to perfection on 'Melting pot' with percussion courtesy of Snowboy and vocals reggae DJ style from Asher Storm wheareas on 'Foundation of love' it is Brazilian percussion meets Afrobeat with an underlying piano and guitar vamp that does the business."
Tim Stenhouse, Vibe UK
"Hang on to your hats, this is Healer Selecta. An LP that does just what it says on the tin, 'Let's Get It Started' is a wild journey through what can only be described as good-rockin' beats. This is an album of good-time music that will definitely put a smile on your face."
Meme magazine
"Great Breaks and vocal floor fillers with horns...can it get better?"
M Kappa, Radio Reverb,
"Groovy and mind expanding vibes. This is what I call funk"
FRANCESCO ADINOLFI, Popcorner radio Show -RAI
"I love the wide range of musical influences he puts together in his own way. Some very cool stuff!"
Tom Strauch, Switchstance Record
"Impressively eclectic, uplifting and sunny."
Santiago Tadeo Cervera, Acid Jazz Hispano
"Bring on the summer vibes Healer!"
DJ Morgan Cannon
"Judging by 'Let's Get It Started', I can tell this is gonna be a party fave worldwide"
Michael Stukes, Mystic Vibes radio (US)
"A 'tight-as-a ducks ass' fusion of funk, rocksteady and rhythm'n'blues... threaded through with Healer Selecta's twanging surf guitar... great stuff"
"World vibes approval indeed!"
DJ Junior, Record Breakin
"Damn! This is heavyweight! So many different flavas in one - a must have !!!"
Markus Milz, Further In Fusion Radio
"Deep funk for the soul"
DJ Santo, Mo'Glo Radio Show
"What a record !!! Every tune is a winner. Absolutely loving it"
Angel Mishev, Groovy Sessions Radio
"Cracking album! Love the mix of styles and the energy!"
Simon Hodge, Funk & Soul Show
"Eclectic and eccentric with a mish mash of musical influences!"
Fitzroy Da Buzzboy, Soul Survivor magazine
"Very funky stuff, definite floorfiller, love it!"
DJ Tom Burclay, Compost Records
"A fantastic release on Freestyle and love the mix between funk, latin and breakbeat. This album is at thetime the best i heard this year!"
Ed Royal, Innervision Records
"Now that is what I call an album! Quite uplifting and always hitting the floors. Especially like the Surfin' 60s and ethno odysseeeee!"
DJ Rene Josquin
"I like this sound cause I can think immediately to a nice beach under the sun!! Thanks for giving us Summertime, Healer Selecta!!!"
Black Mighty Wax, GRu Radio
"Freestyle Records can do no wrong in my ears and eyes. 'Melting Pot' One of the world's most recognizable riddims is almost unrecognizable in the hands of Healer Selecta. I admire the creativity to make that happen."
DJ Solespin, CJLO Radio
"Propulsive bass and JB's-style guitar chops insure that these tracks will fill the dancefloor!"
Chris Lawyer, Hip City Radio Show
"There's some killers in here, which I shall be hammering!!"
Simon Harrison, Basic Soul
"Entertaining, raw and raucous, in a mishmash styleee!"
Phil Levene, Starpoint Radio
"Liking the gritty rawness of this, especially the mix of Latin and funk - plus those skanky touches"
Paris, Groovescooter Records
"Packs a punch of fun and joy!!"
"10 bustling numbers blending an assortment of Funk-Samba-Latin-Jazz-Reggae with a gutsy Rhythm & Blues and rootsy attitude. The Album is extremely uplifting, The more I’m hearing the more I’m liking it. If you are in need of a boost this is definitely your dose of musical caffeine!"
"Yvan Serrano-Fontova is one of the best artists Freestyle Records has released since 2003! His music is a unique mixture of Black Culture!"
Savvas Hantzaradis, SPRAWL ZONE RADIO SHOW