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The Root Source - Fire Walker
CD Album
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The Root Source

Fire Walker

Freestyle Records

Released: 19th July 2010 | 7 track latin & world jazz album
The Root Source have returned, with a quality and timeless follow up to their self titled debut album released in 2007 (FSRCD019). Upon its release, the London based septet were lauded by the likes of Nicola Conte, Snowboy and Gilles Peterson and discerning dance floors around the world took a real heel bashing whenever any of these top DJs played the tracks from the album in their club sets! Now in 2010, this brand new collection has been nurtured lovingly, earnestly, soulfully and truthfully by Hammond Organist/Pianist Andrew Fairclough. Drawing on influences from Deep jazz, Funk and Samba Fusion of 60s and early 70s origin yet wholeheartedly retaining contemporary originality. All tracks are new compositions except an unlikely yet anthemic jazz dance reworking of the Oompah Loompah Theme/Pure Imagination from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! As a child Andrew Fairclough discovered that certain melodies have the ability to completely alter the way he feels and transport him to another place instantly. And for this, one of several highlights of the album, instead of attempting to simply replicate the original Andrew wrote an arrangement beginning with Rhodes piano Ode to the Oompah Loompahs! developing into the Pure Imagination melody that floats above a flying jazz-dance template! Another highlight is the number Soul Space. This composition emerged from the urge to write a funk track that was something beyond just a groove and incorporate a soul calling melody to take the players, and therefore the listeners and dancers much MUCH further than your average funk ticket! Firewalker is not a whimsical 50 yard dash or an alter ego attempt at something vaguely resembling musics' past milestones. Its similarity is simply using the finest sounding vintage instruments for depth of expression purposes. This album is full of a balance between soaring melodies, soulful structures, creative improvisations, raw funk, Brazilian percussion (courtesy of Roberto Ares Rio), deep jazz and unexpected moments of reflective tenderness. Achieving a depth that many aim but fail to reach, The Root Source have exceeded their own expectations. Indeed, in the words of Hammond giant Dr Lonnie Smith when the Root Source played alongside him and another Blue Note jazz legend Lou Donaldson: That was beautiful! ...You are rich inside ...
"There’s been a welcome return recently to Jazz-dance, the title track ‘Firewalker’ fits into this bracket perfectly and will freshen up any jazz-dance set, an eleven minute Hammond led workout remind me in parts of the late Charles Earland during the 70s. and in a similar up-tempo rhythm are ‘Dervish Whirl’, ‘Moon Juice’ and ‘Echos Of Your Past’ There is also a wonderful jazz-funk version of ‘Pure Imagination’. All the compositions here have both interesting and intricate arrangements encompassing Deep jazz, Funk and Samba Fusion of the sixties and early seventies, It’s nice to know and hear that this style of music is still being made by those who fully understand it and give it the care and attention it deserves."
Eclectic Jazz, Phil Levene
"Root Source have a very promising future ahead of them if this album is anything to go by. One to watch out for in a live context."
Vibe Magazine
"'Firewalker' kicks things off in barnstorming style, check the horn and bassline! 'Dervish Whirl' adds an eastern flavour to its powerful funky groove. 'Moon Juice' is another flowing Jazz groove; 'Echoes Of The Past' is a heavier lengthy Hammond groove. Things cool down for the atmospheric 'Streams'. Brilliant unmissable album."
Soul Brother Records
"The layers of musical maturity unpeel gracefully and assuredly before your eyes on this rahther classic platter. A rather splendiferous affair covering more or less the whole spectrum of warm jazzy loviness! Superlatives are not needed, hear for yourself."
Blues & Soul magazine, Emrys Baird
"This Album is massive! So many people are talking about this.The great thing about these guys is they are from this country, real musicians,real instruments and real musicThis Album is going to blow you away!!"
BBC Three Counties, Paul Miller
"Fire Walker is the matrix one and reminds me of Herbie's Headhunters meets Early Norman Connors Buddah,Stanley Cowell Roy Haynes fusion Jazz from the 70's"
Soul Survivor magazine, Fitzroy Da Buzzboy
"A lovely project..full of spirit..sonically sound!"
"Another gem from the Freestyle camp! From the first til the last song there is such a special magic...this is going to be really huge !!! jazz music for jazz lovers...nuff said"
Further In Fusion Radio, Markus Milz
"A breath of fresh air in this digital landscape.Truly moving music!"
Jazz 91.9 fm, Jamal Ahmad
"Dress down the spats, Freestyle knock out great jazz dance with The Root Source."
Starpoint Radio, Paul 'ABBO' Abbott
Jazz It Up radio, Simone Vimercati
"Perfect vibe for the summer time! Turn the AC up high and move around a bit!"
KDHX 88.1 FM, Christopher Lawyer
"Nice to have Root Source back. Good to hear a new band with serious chops!"
Stylin Radio Show, Ennio Styles
WHCR 90.3 FM, Michael Stukes
"The Root Source return with a very distinctive follow up. Cosmic Jazz and Funk unite to make way for some serious action on the dance floor!"
Jazz Rooms Sydney, Blair Stafford
"I'm a big fan of Charles Earland and I had a 'Charles' moment' when I first heard Firewalker. Niiiiiice bit o' Jaaaazzzz!"
Black & Blue Radio Show, Paul Gamblin
"Wonderful modern but timeless jazz music. Big respect for this project. The Pure Imagination cover is inspired!"
Further Out Recordings, Richard E
"Wonderful Jazz-dance. Congratulations for getting behind this level of sheer quality"
BBC 6 Music, Craig Charles Show
"Fantastic work, well played and arranged. A modern tribute to '70 jazz-funk!!"
Black Mighty Wax
"It's easy to understand why Nicola Conte loves so much this group! As for me, I fell in love with the renditions of the songs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Beautiful."
Enlace Funk mag, Santiago Tadeo Cervera
"Quality music but just a little bit of madness thrown in for good measure!!"
Basic Soul Radio, Simon Harrison
"Very much in the 70's jazz fusion vein; very nostalgic and fresh all at once. Love it!"
Urban Landscapes, Velanche