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The Apples - Kings
CD Album
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The Apples


Freestyle Records

Released: 6th September 2010 | 8 track funk album
THE APPLES present: KINGS. The brand new release from the nine piece instrumental Juggernaut. In a musical first for the band, they wrote, arranged and recorded music with specific collaborators in mind. They held sessions with two of their heroes; a congregation with two musical and spiritual father figures from opposite ends of The Apples rich spectrum: Fred Wesley - Pioneer of funk trombone in particular and funk horn arranging in general with James Brown, The JBs, Parliament-Funkadelic and The Horny Horns. SHLOMO BAR - Vocalist, Percussionist, Godfather of Israeli world music. Figurehead of the highly influential ethno-fusion ensemble HaBrera HaTeevit. The exciting process of these recordings exposed the band's many roots and influences; elements of The JB's funky foundations, African, Cut & Paste, Soul, Middle Eastern, and Dub are all clearly displayed on KINGS, strained through the band's unique Decks-Horns-Soundboard Effects-Double Bass-Drums lineup. This release signifies the next step in The Apples ever thickening groove stew, and the boys are intent on pushing it further and this summer will once again take to festival and club stages for another string of their relentless live sets filled with runaway grooves, countless twists and turns, dizzying transitions, spontaneous arrangements, the occasional reworking of early 90's alt-rock fist shakers, and the basic jump-up-and-down crazyness for which The Apples are known stages, dancefloors, soundsystems, playlists, films, televisions, cars and ears worldwide. As the conspiracy continues, watch this space, and bring a change of clothes.
"There is mean bass lines and then there is this! Some serious raw funk, love it!"
Respect Music Radio, James Canning
"Now I'd be quite reticent to use the word ‘masterpiece’ in describing this release but I can’t find any others that do it justice so sod it, masterpiece it is", Paul Smith
"There is an infectious playfulness to these eight cuts. This album manages to salute two kings of music as well as funk's past, present and future, all in one go."
BBC Music, Angus Taylor
"'All right All right' is one of the most intelligent & creative tracks that I've listen to this year!"
Punto Radio, Black Mighty Wax
"Always enjoy The Apples. Definitely their own sound. All Right All Right is better than that."
3RRR-FM Melbourne, Ennio Styles
"This is a funk album that's really on fire! The Apples are yet another great funk find, continuing Freestyle's reputation as one of the finest labels of its kind out there. Big album here!"
Urban Landscapes, Velanche
"I just cant stop nodding my head - this is damn CLASS.. their best album yet!!"
Basic Soul Radio Show, Simon harrison
"An ASS KICKER of the highest order!"
WHCR 90.3 FM, Michael Stukes
"To date one of the best Apples' releases"
"Hot as the sun of Medditeranean, flavoured by some northern african wind."
Night Light Radioshow, DJ Eric
"One of the really rare great funk releases in these days."
Alooga Radio, DJ Ottic
"New and refreshing, great musicianship!"
The Urban Music Scene, Marvin Dickey
"Lotta horns and brass sound..this is pure fun!"
"I can't define The Apples with one specific genre or sound. Yes, they do sound funky, yes they have an Eastern edge to them but what I like is that they can easily switch it around as they have with this album. Lot's of interesting flavours"
Black & Blue Radio Show, Paul Gamblin
"Very diverse project, loving their old skool groove The alternative style is also cool", Ket Shah
"Global funk indeed, this album really explores and celebrates how soul, dub and funk can reach an international audience - pulling influences from home genres to really create something special. Awesome album. Another stellar release from Freestyle!"
BaseFM 107.3, CoopaBlu
"I have been anxiously awaiting this release since first catching wind of it! Bringing the funk of the JB's into the 21st Century! Dynomite!"
KDHX FM 88.1, Christopher Lawyer
"Fred Wesley at the Shlomo Bar drinking with The Apples at a club called Kings, sure sounds funky to me.", Paul 'ABBO' Abbott
"Authentic funky recipe, pretty any track on this album offers up a delicious serving of soul food, totally brilliant summer listening.I really do want some Banana Jam!"
Edinburgh Evening News, Grant Paterson
"A really big BIG one!"
Radio Mille Pattes, DJ Malk
"I'll definitely run this on my funk show on WFNP!"
WFNP Radio, Nolan Conaway
"The Apples, they're a very Global A Go-Go kind of band! Playing it on the radio and charting it at CMJ", Bill Lupoletti
"FUNK made for a King!", DJ Junior
"And they did it again: another impressive funk album, maybe even better than the first one."
Acid Jazz Hispano, Santiago Tadeo Cervera
DJ Graham B
"More tasty Apples goodness. Been waiting for this release and it doesn't disappoint!"
Tru Thoughts Recordings, Flevans
"One the best albums i currently play."
Phonic FM, DJ Nomark