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The Fantastics! - All The People
CD Album
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The Fantastics!

All The People

Freestyle Records

Released: 8th August 2011 | 11 track funk album
The Fantastics! first began to take shape in 2003 after organist/pianist Greg Boraman departed the ranks of the acclaimed deep funk outfit The Soul Destroyers (Jazzman Records) and answered the call to fill the keyboard seat in Reverend Cleatus & The Soul Saviours, the previous incarnation of the band that released their debut album 2LBs Of Funk on French label Soul Cookers Records. Whilst the band indeed loved heavy funk with a passion, they also wanted to incorporate other styles that had shaped their open minded musical lives: jazz, Brazilian, afrobeat, rhythm & blues, rock, boogie, latin, reggae: the full spectrum of influences which each musician individually brought to the table! Finding that they soon tired of the narrow and formulaic restrictions that the purely retro funk genre saddled them with, and a new plan began to come together. Changing their name to The Fantastics!, they re-launched with the Cheeba's Couch 45 (on Raw Wax), an aggressive funk-rock assault to highlight a deliberate widening of musical textures and influences the band were eager to explore. Freestyle Records founder Adrian Gibson picked up the band and the resulting debut album Mighty Righteous won plaudits from entities such as Wax Poetics, legendary DJ Bob Jones and BBC Radio 2's Mark Lamarr who invited the band in to perform live sessions twice for his God's Jukebox show, who all appreciated the more varied musical horizon the group were reaching for. Now in 2011, The Fantastics second album is another step in the London band's long musical journey. The musical transition continues on All The People which features vocalist Sulene Fleming on several tracks, one of the UK's most versatile and capable singers of her generation! Add to this great musicianship and strong original compositions such as Somewhere Finally, the shimmering and beautiful summer love song that drips with deep soulful, horn hook lines, and of course Sulenes' soaring vocals, the moody and atmospheric Know No Gods, the southern blues inflected groove of Cold Case and the full on, strident funk-rock grit of I Breath all demonstrate how The Fantastics! have finally arrived at their musical destination with a highly eclectic sound for today which pays respect to the past without being shackled to it. Lubi Jovanovic (UK soul/funk/jazz/latin music DJ, promoter, album compiler and journalist since 1982)
"Keyboard flavored funky, jazzy sweetness from The Fantastics, who've had a pretty terrific run of funky 45s and a tight full length – delivering their best work yet and one of our favorite albums on Freestyle of the past couple years!!"
Dusty Groove America
"The musicianship and ensemble playing is tight, whilst the instrumentation and production crystal clear. Number 1 in Malcs Fabulous Five Chart!"
Echoes magazine
"Their 2009 album 'Mighty Righteous' was played to death by Mark Lamar and Craig Charles and both those taste making DJs will be delighted with this new 11 tracker since it serves up lots more of the same, but with the bonus of three big vocals courtesy of Sulene Fleming. In Ms Fleming the Fantastics have found a treasure!", Bill Buckley
"You may have been expecting another helping of greasy hammond funk for the Fantastics! second release on Freestyle Records but what you get is far more varied, encompassing many of the varied influences of the band, yet without becoming a self-indulgent exploration. ‘All The People” is a mature, musical oasis of clarity and space, with a diverse range of sounds aimed at music lovers who know the difference, a memorable set that stands out from the crowd."
Funkalicious, Phil Gates
"Strong jazzy funk album from The Fantastics including the organ led percussive funk groove ‘All The People’. The funky jazz ‘Mushroom Strut’ , funky groove ‘No Right Turn’and light and the light and breezy jazzy dancer ‘Cecils Slide’ are highlights. Also check the cover of ‘Sweetback’ and the mid tempo summer love song ‘Somewhere’ ft Sulene Fleming on vocals."
Soul Brother Records
"‘All The People’ sees this talented bunch dip their toes into a pool of soul-jazz, blues, latin, funk & fusion, laced with a distinctly progressive edge, performed with superb musicianship."
"This is such a new direcion for The Fantastics its totally unreconisable as the same band. The boys are playing great on here and Sulene Fleming is sounding particulaly great as a guest singer, with 'Cold Case' the outstanding track on the album for me. Surely a club classic?"
"Nice array of styles, and the singing of Sulene Fleming is spectacular."
Boston Globe, Stuart Munro
"Ever since the release of the brilliant single 'Somewhere Finally' we've been waiting for the album, and it's finally here. 'All The People' is a very good album, which sees the London band in fine form."
BBC 3 Counties, Paul Miller
"There's everything from hot jazz funk work outs through to zesty jazz dance, a slice of afrobeat and a huge wallop of funk rock. Not to mention wailing harmonica and spacey pyschedelica. A measured, medley of musicianly tunes that will grow on you like a slow unfolding seduction. Savour it like a fine single malt, It's a damn fine album."
Blues And Soul, Emrys Baird
"THE FANTASTICS! are back with their inimitable funky sound for Freestyle Records on their new album 'All The People. Checkout the brilliant soul cut 'Somewhere Finally' featuring the vocals of Sulene Fleming. There's certainly plenty to keep the boogaloo crowd happy as well with funky gems such as 'Mushroom Strut', 'Sweetback', 'All The People' and 'The Bone Breaker."
Manifesto Magazine, Mark Coddington
"A mature, musical oasis of clarity and space, with a diverse range of sounds aimed at music lovers who know the difference, makes this a memorable set that stands out from the crowd."
Funkalicious, Phil Gates
"The Fantastics are back and it's 'Seriously Funky'"
Ketch A Vibe, Aja
"Really enjoying this on a first listen - tight playing, great writing and more funk than you can shake a stick at. Big!"
First Word Recordings, Gilla
"Quality production and well written grooves that takes the listener on a great journey into Great British Soul Jazz with all it's sexy bits hanging out for all to see! Cecils Slide is the stand out track for me..something very special indeed!"
Jalapeno records, Smoove
"if you we looking for some reason to funk, grab your soul and put the boogie shoes on it, the fantastics! will take you to the funk room."
Green Arrow Radio, MisterG
"A highly accomplished second album from a band that continues to explore its various different influences to produce an eclectic mix. Simply fantastic!"
Tokyo Jazz Notes, Sean Smith
"'I Breathe' could be one of my funky favourites of the year!"
Alooga Radio, DJ Ottic
"A sublime album of Jazz tinged Funk,aided by the wonderful vocals of Sulene Fleming.", Paul Abbott
"proper release..I can't stop listening to it!"
Radio Corax 95.9fm, Mark Milz
"Love the crossover between jazz, spaced out soul and afrobeat. Very, very nice. 'Fantastic' is now more than merely an exclamation of joy, it now hits the soul spot too! Soul-tastic Fantastics!"
BaseFM 107.3, CoopaBlu
"C'est magnifique!"
WHCR 90.3 FM NYC, Michael Stukes
"Funky and fresh sounds..really good vibes, I can't fault it in anyway, uber cool!"
The Edinburgh Guide, Grant T Paterson
"Funky, feel good music infused with soul and groovability.", Scott Fugate
"Soulful work! Smooth and deep!"
CUAC FM, Ivan Mera
"Intelligent funk, soul breaks for people who like proper music.", Marcus Hurley
"Diggin the grooves of All The People pt. 1and The Bone Breaker. The bluesy numbers featuring Sulene Fleming will definately be getting airtime. Really liking the diversity of styles and quality of this one, a very enjoyable listen."
The Soul Funk Experiment, Corey Hudson
"Overlook this offering by The Fantasics at your peril!"
The Hot Box Show, Gary Turner
"It's clear why Mighty Righteous was so well received: this is another eclectic (and fantastic!) journey across black music."
Acid Jazz Hispano, Santiago Tadeo Cervera
"Modern grooves for modern people."
"The Fantastics are back and it is massive !!! Mr B and his men are on top form with a new approach to the groove. If you know that one of the greatest soul sisters Sulene Fleming has joined them on this album, you can easily imagine how it is going to be,: great vocals, great instrumentals (heavy funk, afro, latin, blues, soul) all that in one album!"
Saint Paul Soul Jazz, Stefan Garcia
"Damn good quality album!!"
Basic Soul Radio Show, Simon Harrison