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Jessica Lauren Four - Jessica Lauren Four
CD Album

Jessica Lauren Four

Jessica Lauren Four

Freestyle Records

Released: 16th April 2012 | 10 track soul jazz album
Freestyle Records is immensely proud to be the new home for one of the UK's most creative and in demand musicians, Jessica Lauren. Since the early 1990s, the soulful, spacey jazz grooves of keyboard player Jessica Lauren have been a familiar part of London's alternative music scene, having in the past released her own original music on Soul Jazz Records, M.E.L.T 2000 and People Records. Jessica's keyboard skills have augmented the live performances and studio recordings of world renowned artists such as Jean Carne, Tom Browne, Dexter Wansel and James Mason, Japan's United Future Organisation, UK soul diva Juliet Roberts, as well as Jessica currently being a core member of Nick Woodmansey's space jazz outfit Emanative. Jessica Lauren Four is her latest project, nearly entirely acoustic, and is an intoxicating cocktail of her many diverse influences including blues and soul, jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms, combined with ambient dance music, always interesting, absorbing and surprising. Opening up with White Mountain which is a spell binding and hypnotic blend of 21st century jazz sensibilities, combined with ambient dance music minimalism and is a first rate lesson in the 'less is more approach' to music making. The sense of restraint and space captured on this recording is a quite beautiful and rare thing, especially in the jazz world. Renowned vocal sensation Jocelyn Brown makes two contributions on the album, the first being the rolling, rhythm & blues romper stomper Happiness Train, which allows Jocelyn to stretch out within a fresh and wide open musical landscape and the result speaks for itself. Her second appearance on this collection, I Believe is gospel influenced soul with Jessica's tender piano and organ work underpinning Jocelyn's quite outstanding and touching vocal performance. Across on the entire album, Jessica and her band mates, bassist Andrew Kremer and percussionists David 'Booie' Gallagher and Paul Gunter adeptly weave together various rhythmic palates into a varied but cohesive selection of sounds that draw together a world of influences and textures, from the latin pulse of Vaya Con Dios, the jaunty and swinging vibe of Gangaman, and the punchy yet considered attack of The Name Of Fela Will Always Stand For Freedom, this tight musical unit display a rare skill for playing with taste, precision and a selfless, collaborative attitude where the only end result that matters is the music.
"I think this is a fantastic album!"
Roberts Elms, BBC London 94.9
"A perfect blend of jazz, soul, blues and Latin. What's not to like?"
Sean Smith,
"Superb producton, rich rhythms and amazing piano skills! this is one hell of an album in my book!"
Smoove, Smoove & Turrell
"An outstanding work contending for the greatest albums of the year"
Mark Milz, Further In Fusion
"Deep, mellow and uplifting.Jessica Lauren Four is a blissful listen!"
DJ Philster, Funkalicious
"What an incredible mix of tracks, dancefloor and smoke filled room friendly!"
DJ Kappa, Radio Reverb
"Lovely juicy percussive jazz goodness, we like."
Ollie Lloyd, The Yardbird Club
"JL4 has delivered a winner! Perhaps it's indicative of how good music really is right now if you are prepared to scratch beneath the surface."
Andrew Jervis, The Friday Night Session
"Just a classy piece of work.. well done!"
Anthony Psaltis, Eastside Radio
Dj Ausar, 89.3 WRFG FM ATLANTA
"Absolutely enchanting musicianship!"
Ket Shah,
"Its jazz cool at its coolest."
John Warr,
"Lovely and stylish piece of work from one of the jewels in the UK jazz scene. But Happiness Train, wow! That is one big beast of a tune!"
Craig Charles, BBC 6 Music
"A truly fantastic album from UK keyboard virtuoso Jessica Lauren."
Peter Young, Jazz FM
"Great album! I love it. I am really into White Mountain and The Name Of Fela Will Always Stand For Freedom. I will support this album for sure."
Andrea Benini, Mop Mop
"When things come naturally, they hit you big time!"
DJ Bunuel, Radio Helsinki
"Wow, no special fx were used on this one. Just good music. So refreshing to hear!"
"The talented Jessica Lauren is going from strength to strength."
Phil Levene, Soulm8 Ezine
"One of the best projects I have listened to in a long time!"
Simone Vimercati, Jazz It Up Radio Show
"Cool, casual, and convincing. 10 Gold Stars for Miss Lauren."
Tony Minvielle,
"A great collection of soulful, jazzy keys....latin and afro rhythms make this a much more accessible record for the dancefloor."
Lord Baron Samedi,
"I love my baby, and my baby loves jazz. I could listen to this all night long!"
Dj Strangefellow
"This is one of the best things I've heard from the label. Quite simply put's brilliant."
Jeff Young, Jazz FM
"This is without a doubt my favourite album this year, doesn't get much more beautiful than this."
Tom Lowe, RTE 2fm
"Superb moody and spiritual jazz ... Simply beautiful and beautifuly melodic."
kwak, Back To Niceness
"From a cinematic Blues-score feeling over to serious latin driven anthems, while some other songs sound like a tender feather falling through sunbeams from the sugarloaf mountain..this albums' got it all!"
The Renegades Of Jazz
"The album of her career!"
Robbie Vincent, Jazz FM