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Omar - Simplify



Freestyle Records

Released: 11th September 2015 | 2 track reggae single

Omar, the UK soul legend, keeps things fresh and comes with a new two track release that shows why he is and always has been one the the UK's most original and consistent talents.

Scratch Professer is an award winning producer and remixer, DJ and MC who also just happens to be Omar's brother, so who else is better suited to give the opening track from 'The Man' album, Simplify, a proper skanking, jerk seasoned, sun drenched re-rub?

And, coupled with this brand new track, we have a very special treat.. how does an unheard and until now unreleased original track from the Omar archive sound?

Get Away dates back to around 1994 - and the fact that it sounds box fresh and utterly contemporary, is proof that Omar's sound and style is timeless. With his own unique musical fingerprint that has inspired many - including new soul star Jarrod Lawson - but has never been bettered.

"Omar at his best, Nuff said."
Colourful Radio
"Two nice tracks on this release, Rootickal's Re-Twist of Simplfy is my fave!"
Dr.Best, Radio Z 95.8 Germany
"Getaway is a killer! 21 years old you say? Mad one"
Chris Philips, Jazz FM / MiSoul
"Always good to hear new and old Omar music"
Kev Beadle, Solar Radio
"That Reggae remix by Scratch Professor is really cool!"
Tom Strauch, Switchstance Recordings
"Rarely have I heard a song sound as fresh as 'Get Away' and cannot believe it's over 20 years old. That Reggae re-work by Scratch Professer is nuts too by the way!"
Nilez, Moovmnt Radio
"Omar is the king!"
DJ Gilla, First Word Records
"Omar has been on point for a good while. These tracks don't deviate from that. Good music."
Emskee, WBAI 99.5fm
"Amazing vibes as always from the prolific Omar! Will definitely support!"
Marcus Rosario, San Diego's Jazz 88.3
"Omar, classic and contemporary as always. Rootikal Re Twist is great for the soulful ragga vibes and Get Away is found treasure..."
T-Bird, Something Else! Radio