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Omar - I Want It to Be


I Want It to Be

Freestyle Records

Released: 8th July 2016 | 4 track neo-soul single

After a career spanning 32 years, what more can be said about Omar that hasn't been said before? Undeniably, Omar Lye-Fooks' totally unique, individual style and sound still marks him out as a future thinking and utterly unrivaled artist, who has collaborated with so many legendary names that it would be foolish to deny his worldwide reputation - who would dare contradict the likes of Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Carleen Anderson, Angie Stone, Common and fellow fans and followers like Maxwell and Jarrod Lawson?

Following on from 2013's album The Man, 2016 will see his new long player Love In Beats further cement his undeniable reputation - and as a teaser for that, Freestyle Records is proud to present this brand new 4 track EP, I Want It To Be. The title track is a vibrant, syncopated groove, with one of Omar's trademark, devastatingly catchy melodies riding on top, this is sunshine music made for the summer time. His vocal harmony skills are particularly to fore here... as we have all come to expect.

Destiny features guest vocalist Guadelope born singer Jean-Michele Rotin : I met Jean Michele on a trip to Guadeloupe and we were singing with musicians from the island and it created such a vibe we went studio and this is the result, a nice piece of Zouk mixed with soul, 'Zouk n' B' if you will!. Further proof, if any were needed, that Omars' ears are always open, and more then happy to bring lesser known artists into the spotlight that he creates with everything he does.

Sissy Pa Sissy is a brilliant & minimal, leftfield rhythm heavy number, featuring interlocking beats that will make feet stomp and heads nod whilst a solo trumpet adds some jazz feel into the mix. And the curious Sissy Pa Sissy title?, Omars explains: It's just the name 'Sissy Pa' from the rhythm singing to that beat!

To round off this collection - Scratch Professer, Omars Grammy winning brother and co-producer delivers one of his trademark retwists on I Want It To Be - cut up beats, vocal samples and his utterly unique production skills take this version is a very different direction - and it is also totally exclusive to this single.

As a taster for the forthcoming Love In Beats album - this collection should create excitement worldwide, the styles and sounds are varied - but all have Omars' unique fingerprint on them, style and substance beautifully merged!

"Its not just soul, its not just r'n'b or neo soul, its OMAR and he is unique! I Want it to be is the summer anthem I've been waiting for. Simply stunning."
Mike Chadwick,
"Another wonderful selection of classy tunes from the man who delivers!!!"
John Osborne, Jazz FM & Solar Radio
"Yes! Quality again from The Man!"
"Omar is a legend and this stuff is brilliant!!!"
Jamal Ahmad, Jazz 91.9fm WCLK Atlanta
"Love those thracks. After the all these years, I still consider Omar to be the best in the UK. Class all the way. 10 out of 10"
Victor Anderson, Crackers Radio
"Omar is a Don no one can't front on."
Dj Kwak, Fm Brussel
"Well 'ard!"
Peter Young, Jazz FM
"Excellent. Still on top form!"
Simon Hodge, Producer - Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show
"Quintessential Omar"
Chris Wells, Echoes magazine
"Lovin' the production on this, the jazz fillers on 'I Want It To Be' ride alongside Omar's Soulful delivery perfectly. Quality EP with all cuts extremely playable on the decks and on the airwaves."
Dr Bob Jones,