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Fire - Flight To Cuba b/w Soul On Ice
7" Vinyl
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Flight To Cuba b/w Soul On Ice


Released: 1st January 2009 | 2 track funk single
INSANE & FRANTIC WILD FUNK MADNESS! When you sit down and think about the lovely seaside city of San Francisco, you might think of Otis Redding sitting on the dock of the bay or even Sly and the Family Stone getting freaky at the Fillmore. That's all very well and good but what ya'll might not have known is that there was a man by the name of Mark Edmund right across the bay in Hayward, who decided to do something a little bit different with his Baytown record label. Some collectors may know of the now deceased label owner from the record shop he used to own in Berkeley. All of the releases on the label are notably obscure and diverse in sound. A semi-sought after mid-tempo soul release on the label is Troy Dodds – Trying To Find My Baby. Our FUNK45 label release features the vocal Soul On Ice on one side, which was sung by Bobby Watkins and instrumental Flight To Cuba on the other. As far as rarity goes, your chances of ever finding an original copy of this 45 in one lifetime are probably slimmer than James Brown performing on the planet Mars with Stark Reality as his backing band. Both sides of this record encompass the truly mind-bending sound of insanely psychedelic 70's funk – the side of San Francisco that any hardcore hipster would want to see. Both vocal and instrumental sides of this 45 have everything from entrancing latin inspired percussion, a magnificently powerful & punctuated horn section, loopy hammond organ lacerations and an orgasmically groovy bass-line which lassos the melody like Roy Rogers on a rampage. So break out your box of Rice-A-Roni baby, 'cause you're in for a SAN FRANCISCO TREAT!